“Darte-Arte” (Costa Rica)

On the central avenue of San Jose Costa Rica, New Acropolis volunteers mounted a giant mandala on a white blanket and featured music and interactive theater. The people who at that […]

Celebrating the “Renaissance” (Belgrade, Serbia)

Inspired by the feeling of renewal that announces each new Spring, New Acropolis Belgrade organized an evening around the Renaissance to revive the spirit of those times. Through texts by Renaissance thinkers, […]

Carnival Festival (Nicosia, Cyprus)

Annual Carnival celebration at the central branch of New Acropolis Nicosia, with lots of music and dance, a costume competition and multiple games to liven up the evening.

Fun visit to the Ejido nursing home (Venezuela)

Music, theater, dance and fruits were gifts that volunteers gave to more than fifty elderly people residing at the Ejido nursing home. This social activity included the presentation of several […]