Seminar: ‘Re-discovering America’ (Argentina)

New Acropolis Cordoba presented a two-day seminar on pre-Columbian cultures, including the Inca, Maya, and Aztec. Students, teachers and participants in general deepened their understanding of Symbology, of the organization […]

Uninterrupted reading of Don Quixote (Alicante, Spain)

New Acropolis Alicante had the opportunity to celebrate the uninterrupted reading of the first novel in Spanish, Don Quixote, which annually commemorates Book Day. This tradition celebrated its twelfth anniversary receiving […]

Earth Day ( Liberec, Czech Republic)

On Earth Day, New Acropolis Liberec carried out a campaign to promote its activities and the upcoming ecological clean up that is part of its program.

Jung: An ‘inner’ day (Brasilia, Brazil)

Lecture on the life and work of Carl Gustav Jung at the lecture hall of New Acropolis Brasilia. With a language based on empiricism, Jung rescued ideas about the conquest […]