Long Night of Philosophy (Zurich, Switzerland)

World Philosophy Day

Philosophy that keeps you awake! More than 1800 visitors attended the third Long Night of Philosophy in Zurich, in the framework of World Philosophy Day proclaimed by UNESCO.

Forty events presented in different formats and at various locations kept the audience awake quite late into the night and showed how diverse access to philosophy can be. Popular events included “Philosophizing with Children”, “Philosophy as Art of Living” and “The Body of Artificial Intelligence” leading visitors to reflect on important issues.
Visitors and organizers met at KOSMOS to get to know one another better and share and discuss reflections.

Highlights at the end of the evening were the live interview with the Neurobiologist Dr. Gerald Hüther on the topic: “It’s about our dignity!”, as well as the raffle with over 200 philosophical gifts. As diverse as all the different approaches into philosophy were, so varied were the visitors, too. They proved that philosophy knows neither age, nor technical nor educational barriers.
“It does not matter whether the impulses arise from philosophy, art or science”, Michael Hofer, the organizer, described the intention of the Long Night, “it is important that it keeps us awake – against intolerance, ignorance and the progressive narrowing of our thinking”. This was exactly the spirit and the idea of the UNESCO when they proclaimed World Philosophy Day 13 years ago.

The Long Night was organized by Treffpunkt Philosophie – New Acropolis Zurich in cooperation with philosophie.ch.

The next Long Night of Philosophy in Zurich will take place next year on November 21st 2019. Find out more at www.langenachtderphilosophie.ch.


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