Fun chess activity (Nicaragua)

New Acropolis organized a fun chess activity to benefit the association’s library. Children, young people and adults participated, some accompanied by their families; everyone experienced the excitement and challenges in […]

Blood Donation Day (Nicaragua)

With the support of the Nicaraguan Blood Bank, New Acropolis organized the 6th Annual Blood Donation Day, coinciding with the celebration of World Blood Donor Day. The Center became a […]

Sportive morning (Managua, Nicaragua)

Meeting in a city park to celebrate International Sports Day with games and physical activities. Participants engaged in practices that tested values such as teamwork, discipline, tolerance and respect for […]

Fire prevention workshop (Nicaragua)

Theoretical-practical workshop on fire prevention and use of extinguishers for New Acropolis volunteers. Participants learned about how fire tends to behave, how fire is caused, what are the components of […]