Supporting the National Zoo (Nicaragua)

Volunteers supported the animals residing in the zoo of the city, not only with their visit but also with  donations they collected over the course of several weeks.

Talk: ‘Tips for a healthy year’ (Nicaragua)

Talk entitled “Tips for a healthy year” by several New Acropolis volunteers, who addressed the topics of preventive health; Bach Flowers and personal finances. With regards to preventive health, a […]

Volunteering day at the Scott Foundation (Nicaragua)

We visited the Scott Foundation, an organization made up of animal lovers rescuing and rehabilitating abandoned dogs and then giving them up for adoption. The volunteers mainly carried out maintenance […]

Workshop on animal welfare (Nicaragua)

New Acropolis presented for the fourth consecutive year the workshop on ‘Animal welfare’ for children under 12 years old, at the center located in Colonia Los Robles. The aim of […]