Memory of Giordano Bruno (Patras, Greece)

In our Patras branch, we had an evening dedicated to the memory of Giordano Bruno, philosopher, mathematician, and astronomer. The theatrical group Athanor, housed in our space, gave a presentation […]

Martenitsi Workshop (Bulgaria)

The new Acropolis Bulgaria celebrated the arrival of spring and the arrival of Baba Marta with a creative workshop of “martenitsi” (a small ornament, made of white and red thread […]

International martial arts meeting (Austria)

New Acropolis Austria organized an intensive weekend in collaboration with “Bodhidharma”. One group was training Nei Kung, the philosophically oriented “martial art of inner strength.” Another group dedicated themselves to […]

Trip to Jizera Mountains (Czech Republic)

The School of Sport of New Acropolis organized a trip to Jizera Mountains. Athletes came from Prague and Liberec armed with skis; however, the weather changed their plans with continuous […]

Exercises in the Park (Nicosia, Cyprus)

Getting out in the nature is always beneficial to both the physical and the energetic body. It also helps to open up, to get closer to nature, our “big home”, […]

Open Air Poetry (Main Centre Lima, Peru)

The Areté Poetry Circle organized a morning of open air poetry dedicated to Peru, sharing different dynamic activities and remembering the history of our brave heroes. Everyone was inspired by […]