Philosophical Movie Night (Sofia, Bulgaria)

We organized another screening as part of the “Philosophical Movie Night” series of events, where we watched and then discussed movies with a deep message. This time we watched “The […]

Carnival 2023 (Cyprus)

This year our carnival theme was inspired by the Greek Mythology… the deities and heroes were raffled off… and we let our creative imagination run wild!! “Imagination was given to […]

The alchemy of the couple (Paris, France)

What is the meaning of a couple nowadays? Is it just the comfort of a well-oiled relationship that works like clockwork? Or does the couple allow us to encounter that […]

Annual Presentation of Philosophy (Japan)

New Acropolis Japan held a New Year’s Philosophy presentation. Members from the Yokohama and Osaka branches participated online. This was the second philosophical presentation connecting branches. It was a great […]