The Inner Superpower (Boston/Chicago, USA)

On November a collaborative online workshop was hosted by Boston and Chicago where members presented their superheroes with their respective super powers. Investigation on how they are relevant to our […]

On-line lecture on alchemy (Czech Republic)

New Acropolis held an on-line lecture focused on alchemists on the court of the emperor Rudolph II. Over thirty listeners tuned in to learn more not only about the alchemists […]

Field trip to Carnuntum (Hungary)

Field trip to Carnuntum (Hungary)

Members of New Acropolis organized a trip to Carnuntum (now Bad Deustch-Altenburg and Petronell in Austria), once part of the Roman Empire. A group of thirty-five people visited the site […]

The Meaning of Halloween (Kyoto, Japan)

Even though nowadays Halloween might be only seen as a fun costume day an opportunity for trick or treating, as philosophers, we always try to go back to the origins […]