The philosophy of chess (Guatemala, Guatemala)

Philosophy can be found in any activity, including sports. This talk was about just that, what aspects do philosophy and chess have in common? At the Centro Historico Centre in […]

Online seminar: Celtic Mythology (Belgrano, Argentina)

New Acropolis, presented through a virtual platform the Seminar: Celtic Mythology. Professor Gonzalo Garcia spoke about the enigmatic Celtic culture; its origins, history, development, worldview, the main gods of the […]

World Poetry Day (Belgium)

This year, in the context of World Poetry Day, we pay tribute to our country, Belgium through a series of Facebook posts about Belgian poetry.  

Mandala Workshop (Haifa, Israel)

Creating mandalas reveals to us secrets about our inner world… In the Mandala Workshop we discovered the abundant creative power that exists in every person. We have connected to the […]