Beauty in the cosmos (Sabadell, Spain)

Having returned to normality, we started the last quarter of the year with a new documentary-colloquium on astronomy. Within the programme of the City Festival of Sabadell (Fiesta Mayor), we […]

Corpus Hermeticum (Bulgaria)

New Acropolis Bulgaria held an online event dedicated to the mystical text Corpus Hermeticum. The lecture covered the topics of: language of the sacred texts, their origins and creators, the mythical […]

Educational excursion in our city (Greece-Piraeus)

Aiming to get acquainted with the history of Piraeus city better, we visited various important places and monuments of the city: Porto Leone, Aphrodite’s bay, the Prophet Elias’ church. We […]

Library Day (Heredia, Costa Rica)

Volunteers from our Heredia Center, were given the task of organizing, compiling and cataloging the books in our library, which has more than 600 volumes, and will soon be open […]

Seminar: Plato’s philosophy (Portugal)

Following the trend of the last 3 years, during the summer, New Acropolis Portugal offered a free course for all its members, taught by Professor José Carlos Fernández, writer and […]