A Dialogue with Rumi (Australia)

Jalal a Din Rumi said: “Love is the bridge between you and everything.” During the Night the Rumi’s words assisted building a bridge beyond the separations, Amir’s Kaveh music and […]

The Little Prince (Volgograd, Russia)

Based on the famous story New Acropolis Volgograd has staged a show to take part in ‘the Night of Library’ — the annual event in Russia dedicated to reading. In […]

The Simplicity of Haiku Poetry (Mumbai, India)

New Acropolis hosted an interactive talk at the Colaba Centre titled “Wisdom in Simplicity: Exploring Japanese Haiku Poetry”. It was proposed that Haiku poetry, like many classical art forms, invites […]

Presentation: Samurai (Nicosia, Cyprus)

Although the Samurai of Japan have been so far from us, geographically and culturally, their existence, their principles, the way of living and their attitude towards life provide great lessons […]