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Talk: Alchemy: Science or Superstition?


Talk by Victoria Calle, director of New Acropolis Argentina, on Alchemy: an introduction to the ancient wisdom of transformation that transported participants to ancient times, where scholars knew the key to change the nature of things and even man. An interesting and engaging Q&A period followed the talk.


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New edition of the National Meeting  of Sciences “Mamalluca”, in charge of the Teachers at New Acropolis: Fernando Oyarce, pharmaceutical chemist, Hector Cuevas, doctor of astronomy and Amelia Ramírez, physicist.

Themes addressed centered on the nature of phenomena such as: the nature of atoms, of cells, of Earth, of living beings, of the universe. The activity brought together a large group of participants interested in these scientific mysteries.
Mamalluca Chile

Mamalluca Chile 2

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Les 24 heures de science

24 horas de Ciencia

New Acropolis Montreal participated once again this year in the 24 Hours of Science event. The theme this year being ‘The Light’, volunteers from New Acropolis presented an event entitled ‘What to choose: the comfort of illusion or the challenge of wisdom?’ In his myth of the cave, Plato uses light to illustrate the path that goes from the shadows of ignorance to the light of knowledge. The public attended a presentation on science as a quest for truth and noted the importance of philosophy to approach truth.

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