A 50km walk to surpass oneself (Belgium)

To connect with nature, to challenge oneself with a team. Those objectives were guiding the 50 km walk that New Acropolis Belgium organizes every year. Without special training, the volunteers […]

New Acropolis celebrates 50 years in Chile!

In March of 1965, eight years after the foundation of New Acropolis, the institution opened its doors in Chile, specifically in the city of Santiago, and to date has been […]

‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ (Bulgaria)

A recital of the novel by Richard Bach Jonathan Livingston Seagull was held at the head branch of New Acropolis. The novel is a beautiful story about self-improvement and about the […]

Annual clean-up of the Borisova garden (Bulgaria)

In cooperation with the municipality of Sofia, New Acropolis organized the annual Spring cleaning in Central Park as part of its environmental activities. With the clear aim of attaining a […]