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New Acropolis Chicago celebrated National Poetry Month with a special cultural event dedicated to the work entitled ‘The Prophet’, a book of poetry written a hundred years ago by Gibran Khalil Gibran, poet, artist, writer and philosopher.

Volunteers recited a selection of Gibran’s beautiful and deeply thoughtful poems and discussed the interesting life story of the poet. The evening included a poetry recital, a tour of the poet’s life as well as an engaging discussion and dinner.

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Vorträge Universität Stuttgart Assagioli FRankl JungSeries of lectures on three philosophers of the 20th century presented by the director of New Acropolis Stuttgart and other lecturers at the University of Stuttgart. Frankl, Jung and Assagioli were doctors who addressed the psychic and spiritual aspects of man.

Assagioli developed Psychosynthesis, in which will plays an essential role. Frankl developed logotherapy: everyone is capable of giving meaning to his life. CG Jung encouraged people to face their inner shadows.

There was also a lively debate about some of the approaches outlined in the presentation and participants concluded that these three philosophers aim to foster the development of the person making her more resistant to impacting life events.

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VOLUNTARIOS CELEBRAN EN SANTIAGO DE CHILE EL ANIVERSARIO NÚMERO 50 DE NUEVA ACRÓPOLIS EN EL PAÍSIn March of 1965, eight years after the foundation of New Acropolis, the institution opened its doors in Chile, specifically in the city of Santiago, and to date has been present in the main cities of the country, bringing together volunteers who have managed to sustain and make grow this initiative bringing together and promoting  Culture, Philosophy and Volunteering.

At present there are 16 cities, from Arica to Puerto Montt which offer a space for Philosophy as a foundation for an active community life. At 50 years of age, the institution values its participation as a consultative body of the OAS, Organization of American States, in the fields of Culture and Education; its role in the Network of Humanitarian Aid, RAHCh; the accreditation before the United Nations of some of its volunteers for the use and dissemination of the ‘Sphere Project Handbook’, involving protocol and indications for humanitarian aid.




The celebration honored many achievements that are of direct benefit to the country, and representing a meaningful contribution to the training of volunteers with a strong social commitment based on the values that involve Philosophy in terms of reflection and practice of the human will in the service of others.

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2015-03-28A recital of the novel by Richard Bach Jonathan Livingston Seagull was held at the head branch of New Acropolis. The novel is a beautiful story about self-improvement and about the path of development and love. For one evening participants flew with Jonathan Livingston and on the wings of imagination to the clouds of everyday life – in the clear sky, filled with light and sun rays. As Richard Bach wrote – “Heaven is not a place, and it is not a time. Heaven is being perfect.”

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In cooperation with the municipality of Sofia, New Acropolis organized the annual Spring cleaning in Central Park as part of its environmental activities. With the clear aim of attaining a more beautiful city, around 40 volunteers worked together in the collection of waste, such as knives, pipes, headphones, shoes and other items. A day of great work and good humor!

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Trick or Treat(b)Trick or TreatTrick or Treat for UNICEF: New Acropolis Miami held a Halloween event where the theme of the hero was presented. Half the proceeds were sent as a donation to UNICEF’s Trick or Treat program.

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