Workshop on Medicinal Plants (Bilbao, Spain)

Professors Yolanda García and Leticia Darriba gave a workshop on medicinal plants. They spoke of their magical meaning and the benefits they bring us, a knowledge that in ancient times […]

Public lecture: Pythagoras’ harmony (Belgrade, Serbia)

More than fifty people attended the online lecture “Pythagoras’ harmony” organized by New Acropolis Belgrade. Since, according to Pythagoras’ teachings, everything stems from Unity, while nature is “number and harmony”, […]

Astronomical observation (Sabadell, Spain)

New Acropolis Sabadell organized this outdoor activity with the installation of telescopes for star and constellations observation, which was accompanied by mythical tales about the starry sky across different civilizations […]

Portugal’s Contemporary History Course

To understand a country’s mentality, how it lives and how it understands life, we have to use its memory, which is nothing other than its history. And, making an analogy […]