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New Acropolis Tirana organized another book club meeting, an opportunity to share and discuss big ideas through different times. The book of the month was The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck, presenting an enriching perspective of love and traditional values. The power of this book stands on the fact that it shows a road, not an ordinary one, but a road through which every person can perceive and experience spiritual growth.

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Centuries after his death, the artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci still amaze us with his myriad technological inventions and his unrivalled works of art. Therefore New Acropolis in Sofia organized event for its members about the principles guiding the work and efforts of Leonardo throughout his life. Besides theoretical explanations, the participants were given the opportunity to deal with a number of exercises and tasks that help them to learn how to perceive the world around them through the eyes of the genius.

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New Acropolis Bulgaria presented a lecture about the Swiss philosopher and psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung, which sparked such a great interest especially in young people that it was presented twice. Main topics discussed included the human personality and the mysteries of the soul. The lecture led to an interesting debate about how a person becomes an ‘individual’.


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New Acropolis met in Brno to carry out two interesting workshops: active members from the libraries of New Acropolis tried bookbinding and members of atelier Minerva learned to make archaeological reproductions. Both groups learned new things and had a lot of fun!


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2016 Curitiba Brasil-S exposicion02
New Acropolis Curitiba (PR-Brazil) with the support of the Brazilian company of airport infrastructure (Infraero) and building systems (Globalplac), inaugurated the exhibition on “Native Trees” in the departure lounge of the Afonso Pena airport, located in the municipality of São José dos Pinhais in the Afonso Pena airport.

Apart from highlighting the very important role of trees, the exhibition promotes philosophical reflection by means of the direct question: what is my role in the world?

For Antonio Pallu, Superintendent of Infraero, the exhibition highlights the importance of environmental awareness for society. “The airport not is only a place of arrivals and departures. It is a place where we can give a positive message to the public, and care for the environment has been an on-going theme in several areas of the Afonso Pena airport,” he said.

2016 Curitiba Brasil-S exposicion01

2016 Curitiba Brasil-S exposicion03 2016 Curitiba Brasil-S exposicon04

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How to make home-cooked meals without spending a lot of money? Adela, professional cook and chef, showed us how to make hummus, sardines pate and salmorejo among other dishes.

Here are some of her tips:

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Athens - Visit to archaeological museum Athens - Visit to archaeological museum Athens - Visit to archaeological museum Athens - Visit to archaeological museum

Members and supporters of New Acropolis from the Athens central branch visited the exhibition hall dedicated to ancient Egypt at the National Archaeological Museum, and thus went on a cultural journey to one of humanity’s greatest civilizations.

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