Online seminar – Native Americans (Croatia)

The New Acropolis Croatia held an online seminar on the topic of Native Americans on the occasion of the 41st celebration of Earth Day. The seminar consisted of two parts: […]

Ikebana and Haiku Workshop (Bucharest, Romania)

Ikebana, also called ‘kado’ (flower’s path), is the Japanese art of arranging flowers through which they gain another life, becoming means to express elevate emotions, to reflect something of  creator’s […]

Mayan Wisdom – Mini-Course (Chicago, USA)

“The mathematical, astronomical and chronological knowledge of the Mayans (…) was seen a way of linking with the sacred, while the stars and time itself are divine energies that influence […]

Health for body and soul (Brazil)

A lecture entitled “Health for body and soul” was broadcast on the YouTube channel of New Acropolis Brazil. The lecture was given by Bernardo Norat Beghini, a doctor and teacher […]

Gardening course (Cyprus)

Gardening is a way to unite us with nature, which gives us harmony and relaxation. That is why, in this course, we gave some tips on how to build and […]