Workshop on singing (Sofia, Bulgaria)

New Acropolis Sofia held a first edition of a long-planned series of musical workshops for singing. The goal was not to produce the next world-famous stars, but in accordance with […]

The Power of Imagination (Poland)

Members of the New Acropolis in Warsaw and Gdansk organized the Philosophical workshop – The Power of Imagination. The purpose of the workshop was to explore the impact of our […]

Practical Rhetoric (Banská Bystrica, Slovakia)

Good communication is very important not only in the work sphere, but also in everyday life for understanding and good interpersonal relations. During four evenings, the participants of the Practical […]

Creation with beeswax (Košice, Slovakia)

Another public event from the series of natural creative workshops took place in the Nova Akropolis Košice branch. The participants learned interesting things about one of the bee products – […]

Philosophy in the Park (Chicago, USA)

Members of NA Chicago took advantage of the nice weather to meet in a local park for practices of concentration and a class and discussion about the effect of cycles […]