“Let’s revive Maribor” (Slovenia)

On March 23rd members of New Acropolis Maribor hosted a tour through the streets of the old town. On a stroll along the border, where the medieval settlement of Maribor once […]

Derecho e Inteligencia artificial

Universitas Estudios Generales ofrece un nuevo curso online. El curso “Inteligencia Artificial y Derecho” ofrece una exploración exhaustiva de la intersección entre la tecnología emergente y el marco legal contemporáneo. […]

Educational trip to Peru (Greece)

Educational trip “Unity through Diversity”During the first ten days of April, we had the opportunity to embark on yet another cultural journey, this time in Peru! We visited museums and […]

Philosopher’s Kit (Guatemala, Guatemala)

In our Philosopher’s Kit workshop we reflected on ideas of great philosophers such as Confucius, Seneca, the Buddha, Marcus Aurelius, Socrates, etc. During the activity, the participants chose the ideas […]

Volunteering Fest (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)

We celebrated our “Volunteering Fest” at New Acropolis Quetzaltenango. A day full of discoveries and reflections shared fraternally by our members. We toured our volunteer areas, understanding in a pleasant […]