“Long night of museums” 2019 (Bolivia)

            The cities of La Paz and Santa Cruz experienced their “Long Night of Museums”, whereby hundreds of museums and cultural centers had their doors […]

“Reasons to live with music” (Venezuela)

A cultural talk was given about music and its impact on everyday life. Jesús Rodríguez, musician from New Acropolis Mérida, introduced his audience to this art after explaining its components, […]

Fostering children’s reading day (Peru)

The ‘Promotion of Culture’ department organized a Fostering Reading Day for children 7 to 11 years old at the central branch of New Acropolis San Isidro. This program fostering the […]

Weekend excursion (Athens, Greece)

We enjoyed a weekend in the area of Arcadia (Greece) where we came in touch with nature while doing exercises, among other activities. Nature always gives us the possibility of […]