Visit to the Oriental Institute (Chicago, USA)

Members of New Acropolis Chicago visited the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago as part of their studies of ancient cultures, their mythology and symbolism. We encountered the magnificence […]

Harvesting olives! (Cyprus)

New Acropolis Cyprus organized a special weekend for the gathering of olives involving days of teamwork and collaboration in a natural environment. On the way back, we visited the mill […]

Oratory Course (Rijeka, Croatia)

The course included a theoretical part and practical exercises for voice, posture, gestures, overcoming stage fright, composition and discourse, and how to address various unforeseen situations in communication. “My whole care is constantly devoted to […]

Workshop on animal welfare (Nicaragua)

New Acropolis presented for the fourth consecutive year the workshop on ‘Animal welfare’ for children under 12 years old, at the center located in Colonia Los Robles. The aim of […]