Visiting old manuscripts (Olomouc, Czech Republic)

Members of the New Acropolis visited an exposition of old manuscripts at the Regional Museum in Olomouc. The exposition was called “Hidden Beauty” and presented medieval manuscripts, most of them […]

Art Therapy (Rethymno, Greece)

At our branch in Rethymno, we organized an Art Therapy evening: Self-awareness through art. In this experiential meeting, we were not interested in creating a perfect result, but in trying […]

Search and Rescue Course (Guatemala, Guatemala)

New Acropolis Guatemala with the collaboration and guidance of the GEA Association of Spain, carried out the first earthquake emergency search and rescue course, as a first step in the […]

Visit to several museums (Guatemala, Guatemala)

We visited with members and friends of New Acropolis Guatemala, Quetzaltenango Centre, four museums in Guatemala City: Popol Vuh Museum at the Francisco Marroquin University dedicated to the Mayas: funerary […]