Practical exercise seminar (Australia)

Meeting students on a sunny Sunday morning to practice some of the simple and practical exercises contained in the course, such as concentration, self-awareness, etc.           […]

Eco-themed afternoon (Sofia, Bulgaria)

New Acropolis organized an eco-themed afternoon for the participants in philosophy courses. They were introduced to the concept of zero waste and to ideas about producing less waste in their […]

Fire prevention workshop (Nicaragua)

Theoretical-practical workshop on fire prevention and use of extinguishers for New Acropolis volunteers. Participants learned about how fire tends to behave, how fire is caused, what are the components of […]

An evening with the Little Prince! (India)

The Bookworm Club of New Acropolis presented a book reading of the much-loved book by Antoine de St.Exupery. The event included a presentation relating to the various characters in the […]