Mother Earth Day 2022 (Israel)

On April 22, Mother Earth Day was celebrated at Nahalat Tal in Menahemya, with happenings of lectures, workshops, tours, art and music, all in the spirit of ecological-philosophical. Philosophical ecology […]

First Aid Training (Ukraine)

              New Acrópolis centres in Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk held First aid Training. In Lviv, in particular, the participants learned the skills of providing aid […]

Olive harvest (Cyprus)

On the occasion of the olive harvest, an excursion was organized, which was a great opportunity for fellowship and union with nature…

Philosophy for children (Coímbra, Portugal)

New Acropolis has begun to hold recurring classes of Filosofia para Crianças (Philosophy for Children). These are one-hour sessions, which take place in a fun environment, where, through stories, images, […]

Visit to the Ahmadi community (Haifa, Israel)

Members of New Acropolis in Haifa met with the Ahmadi community for an touching meeting. The head of the community, Muhammad Sharif Odeh, opened his heart and taught us about […]

Visit to the Geomining Museum (Madrid, Spain)

New Acropolis Madrid organized a visit to the Geominero Museum where there is a large exhibition of minerals, precious stones, fossils and even pieces of meteorites. It was an exciting […]

Workshop on concentration and memory (Belgium)

With lots of enthusiasm and to the rhythm of music, we continued to promote the importance of cultivating concentration and memory. The workshop was made up of a small theoretical […]