Nei Kung Practices (Belgium, Leuven)

At the end of Nei Kung’s one-year practices at the Leuven school, there was a belt grade exam. A success for all the candidates who will continue classes next year […]

Artistic space: singing workshops (Belgrano, Argentina)

We resumed singing workshops! In these workshops, participants were given an overview of the history of music, practical exercises in vocalization, voice imposition, postural and relaxation techniques, and brief singing […]

Come to know Buddha (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Buddha was an example that no extreme is good, we should look for the golden mean or “middle way” in everything. Just like the string of a musical instrument, it […]

Earth Day Volunteering (León, Mexico)

Volunteers from New Acropolis Leon shared with 900 students and 60 teachers a series of activities on the occasion of Earth Day. Different talks were given on: water footprint, plant […]

Come to know Plato (Bratislava, Slovakia)

New Acropolis had an online lecture about Plato. During the discourse they mentioned, that Plato´s famous work is still followed by philosophers from all over the world – the four […]