Siddhartha (Guatemala)

The Reading Club held a series of virtual talks with the aim of reflecting on the content of the book Siddartha by the writer Hermann Hesse. The attendees participated interactively, […]

Living Philosophy experience (Australia)

Students from the New Acropolis study program met and shared a day of fun and learning. Through several simple exercises related to the syllabus that is developed throughout the course, […]

Visit the National Gallery Victoria (Australia)

New Acropolis members visited the Victoria Art Gallery in Melbourne. They were primarily interested in two exhibits examining different ways and approaches to change. Big Wheather is an exhibition showcase works by […]

How to find a way (Zlin, Czech Republic)

New Acropolis organised several useful and fun activities for its members. One of them was a workshop where the participants learned how to use a compass and understand maps.

Feng Shui Course (Coimbra, Portugal)

The 6-hour course was given by José Ramos, a professor from New Acropolis Coimbra, a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine and a Feng Shui consultant, who discussed the secrets behind […]

Online seminar – Native Americans (Croatia)

The New Acropolis Croatia held an online seminar on the topic of Native Americans on the occasion of the 41st celebration of Earth Day. The seminar consisted of two parts: […]