Philosophy Day (Israel)

As a result of the state of emergency in the country, we changed the original plans for the celebration of Philosophy Day and adapted them into a space for close, […]

Long Nigth of Philosophy 2023 (Graz, Austria)

  More than a hundred visitors visitors chose from the following workshops: Dialogue with Socrates; Finding meaning with Viktor Frankl; Serenity like the Stoics; Freedom with Hannah Arendt; Compassion and […]

Philoweek (Belgium)

A serie of conferences on philosophy for life were organized during one week.

World Philosophy Day 2023 (Taipei, Taiwan)

We celebrated the World Philosophy Day of 2023 by organizing a philosophical workshop held and planned by New Acropolis school members. We held different activities under the topic of “How […]

Día Internacional de Filosofía

Challenge Yourself! – World Philosophy Day (Cyprus)

As part of the World Philosophy Day awareness capaign, we organised at Nicosia Mall a game called “Challenge Yourself”. By crossing boundaries and discovering unknown aspects of ourselves, we reaffirmed […]

World Philosophy Day (Oradea, Romania)

New Acropolis International Organization celebrates World Philosophy Day every year. The initiative of the anniversary belongs to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). In Oradea branch of […]

What can symbols give us? (Pécs, Hungary)

The Pécs Centre of New Acropolis Hungary held a handicraft event, combined with a lecture, on symbols. The programme was inspired by the UNESCO World Philosophy Day, joined by New […]