The sacred in ancient Egypt (Bordeaux, France)

Lecture given at Espace Mouneyra by Marine Adam on ancient Egypt, who discussed the unique views on life, man and death of the Egyptian people. For ancient Egyptians, the real […]

Gandhi, a warrior for peace (Biarritz, France)

The ANABAB Association inaugurated the new events hall of the Lehena Space. For this special occasion, Fernand Schwarz, founder of New Acropolis in France, offered a lecture on “Gandhi, a […]

Talking with Satish Kumar (Bordeaux, France)

Following the “Eco-Citizen” meeting organized by the associations of Bordeaux and sponsored by the film director “En Quête de Sens”(In Search of Meaning), Marc de la Ménardière, representative of the Acropolis magazine […]

Neuroscience Symposium (Court Petral Abbey, France)

About a hundred attendees participated in this interdisciplinary conference that presented neuroscience from three areas: health, neuro-ethics and neuro-law, the sciences of learning and education. The main topics developed during […]