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For the second consecutive year, the former Abbey of the Cour Pétral, located in Boissy-lès-Perche in Eure-et-Loir, participated in the regional event “Flame of Fire”, organized by the Ecomuseum of la Perche.

The arts of fire took center stage in these activities which brought together different workshops (glass blowing, forging, stone carving), and the recreation of traditional techniques that require transmission…

A young blacksmith of Mortagne-au-Perche (Theo), gave life to the forge, and Cyril and Guillaume surprised us with their glass blowing skills.

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Laura Winckler, co-founder of New Acropolis France, spoke to an audience of more than 200 people, on the path of individuation, the process of inner awakening associated with what CG Jung calls the heroic path. A journey from the more peripheral part of ourselves, the ‘person’ (zone encompassing our experiences, contradictions, our opinions and claims) towards our true selves (the heart-center).

To accomplish this, heroes must awaken weapons such as courage and humility to walk into the whirlwind of their unconscious. Laura Winckler, also reminded participants that CG Jung inspired the great American mythologist Joseph Campbell, who himself inspired George Lucas on the path of individuation that Jung identifies with three phases: preparation, the journey and the return.

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Journées du Patrimoine 2016

New Acropolis France participated in the 33rd European Heritage Days. On this occasion, the ancient Abbey of La Cour Pétral opened its doors to a large number of people to show them this place full of history.

More than 400 people were welcomed by New Acropolis volunteers and friends of La Cour Pétral, with a program that featured numerous activities: guided tours, presentations of the crafts that are made on site (stone, iron and stained glass workshops), tour of the hives, lagoons and Permaculture project. A wonderful weekend to meet people and share, and an opportunity for all to rediscover a forgotten local heritage!

Journées du Patrimoine 2016 à la Cour Pétral



Journées du Patrimoine 2016 à la Cour Pétral

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poesieTir à l'arc






The blue sky of the Cour Pétral (Normandy) welcomed 10 delegations of athletes and artists of New Acropolis, who competed on the occasion of the 27th Olympic Games of New Acropolis France.

During two days, about 120 athletes and artists defended with intensity the colors of their schools. The event included a sports day and a morning dedicated to the arts.

After a group warm-up session, the first competitions took place with the 100 meter male series. Racing, archery, weight launching, bowling, chess, football, volleyball…

The second day was dedicated to the arts, nourishing the hearts and souls of the participants.

This year – for the third consecutive year – the delegation of Bordeaux won the competition with 14 medals, including 6 gold. Paris and Rouen received silver and bronze on the podium.


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Sharing games and dialogue with refugees 

New Acropolis Paris volunteers re-engaged their collaboration with a center for refugees. This month they have chosen games as a means of sharing and exchanging.

In the words of a volunteer:

“These moments spent with refugees reveal the joy and the enthusiasm of those who have passed through the challenges of life with the will to move forward. Over time we got to know one another, we were no longer strangers, the exchanges became more profound. We gave them a few words and they gave us some lessons of life with their way of being.”

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paris 5.Nouvelle-Acropole-Luc-Bige-10-12-2013-300x199-1The symbolism of the human body, something so common to all and so little known! How can something that has been so dissected and analyzed from all angles still hold some hidden meaning?

This was the journey through our body at the hands of Lucas Bige, biochemist, writer and symbolist, who showed us that behind the sound of the names attributed to different parts of the body lies a hidden meaning.
And hence we discovered a ‘beautiful parchment’, a kind of symbolic geography in our own body…

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After the lecture by Bertrand Vergely entitled Become what you are, the philosopher led a day-long workshop that brought together around 70 people to deepen the teachings of the lecture.

Creating transforms us and appears as a primordial essential state in which we can discover our celestial roots… In a metaphysically under-developed society, where we are separated from ourselves, from this inner presence, from this infinite life, we truly suffer.

It is therefore vital to free ourselves from the culture of the ‘triumphant ego’ in order to do what we need to do within us deeply … it is only then that the world will change.




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