Talk about women who changed History (Uruguay)

Throughout the month of March, a period dedicated to women, New Acropolis gave a talk at the Uruguay Association of Secretaries (ADESU) about inspirational women. This was an opportunity to become […]

17th Winter Campaign (Montevideo, Uruguay)

New Acropolis for another year supported the ’17th Winter Campaign’  with the delivery of more than 200 kg of clothes, cooking utensils and nearly 100 kg of non-perishable food items […]

Games and Olympic games (Uruguay)

Inspired by the ancient traditions of Olympic sportsmanship, we recreated a day of competitions across several disciplines, as a way to foster the spirit of fraternity that always characterized the games.

Footprints of Great Women in History (Uruguay)

In commemoration of the month dedicated to women, the New Acropolis Las Piedras branch presented an exhibition entitled “Footprints of Great Women in History” in the central square of the […]

World Philosophy Day (Montevideo, Uruguay)

Tribute to World Philosophy Day in Montevideo, where a talk was given on how to overcome the problems of life. Each of the speakers spoke about a different philosopher and […]