Blairgowrie book fair

Blairgowrie Book Fair (South Africa)

In support of young writers and poets, we held the first book fair at our center, hosting more than 15 young writers and poets. The activity was in cooperation with […]

Tibetans in Johannesburg (South Africa)

New Acropolis South Africa had the great pleasure of presenting two fascinating talks by two guest speakers from the Men-Tsee-Khan Institute of Dharamsala. Participants included members of NASA, western physicians […]

Waterproof Blankets for the Homeless (South Africa)

In celebration of Nelson Mandela Day, volunteers came together in order to quickly and affordably create waterproof sleeping bags to be distributed to the homeless of Johannesburg. Annually on Nelson […]

“Happiness Project” (South Africa)

Amid the hustle and bustle, we set ourselves the goal of getting people to delve a little deeper into their inner world and wonder: “What is happiness? How do I […]

Street art against destruction (South Africa)

New Acropolis gathered a group of volunteers to rehabilitate with street art a destroyed wall. The motto was ‘Ubuntu’, a concept pertaining to the African community meaning that we all […]