Chow4Change: Feeding Spirits, Hearts and Mouths (South Africa)

Social Volunteering, Volunteering

Chow4Change is an initiative between New Acropolis South Africa and the City of Johannesburg designed to bring a day of dignity to the homeless of the Johannesburg CBD. This was the sixth held event to date.

With the help of approximately fifty volunteers from the public, and significant donations from the public and private sector, we delivered the Chow4Change experience to five hundred and forty homeless individuals.

On the day the homeless are given the opportunity to visit the ChangeStore, where they can select items of second hand clothing which have been screened for damage, cleaned, and laid out in the format of a department store. Volunteers act as sop assistants, assisting our patrons to find items of the correct size and style which they are looking for.

They also have the opportunity to take a shower, and receive medical counseling, along with HIV & TB screening by nurses, and have a portrait taken by photographers.

The experience is completed with a visit to the restaurant, stocked with delicious meals donated to the event. The kitchen and restaurant floor is fully staffed by volunteers who make the a day a truly unforgettable experience for all.

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