World Philosophy Day (Zagreb, Croatia)

On the occasion of World Philosophy Day, New Acropolis in Zagreb organized a lecture by Erich Fromm, The Art of Love. Is love an art? If it is, it requires […]

Lecture about Pythagoras (Varaždin, Croatia)

At the lecture, visitors could learn about Pythagorean philosophical thought, which has been woven into the cultural achievements of European nations since its very beginning until today. The Pythagorean basic […]

Lecture about Tibetan Buddhism (Zagreb, Croatia)

A lecture on “Tibet – the path of consciousness” was held in the New Acropolis Zagreb. During the lecture, the fundamental ideas of Tibetan Buddhism were presented, with an emphasis […]

Gea - What fits in a shoe box

Humanitarian Activity (Podgorica, Croatia)

For the fourth consecutive year, members of the New Acropolis of Podgorica and Montenegro carried out the social campaign called: What fits in a shoe box? The action was aimed […]

World Philosophy Day (Zagreb, Croatia)

New Acropolis in Zagreb organized several lectures on the occasion of World Philosophy Day to emphasize the importance of philosophy in everyday life. The first lecture was entitled The Power […]

The Ilica: Q’Art Project (Zagreb, Croatia)

The New Acropolis in Zagreb participated in the spring edition of the Ilica: Q’Art Project, together with five hundred exhibitors, artists and musicians in a rich artistic, design and educational […]