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There aren’t many people who can remain indifferent to the colors of India. At the lecture and photography exhibition “India: Ancient and Contemporary”, visitors of New Acropolis Zagreb and Community College Velika Gorica traveled across India through four cities: Mumbai, Aurangabad, New Delhi and Agra. A unique cultural heritage.

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For a tenth consecutive year, New Acropolis Zagreb celebrated World Philosophy Day. On this occasion, a talk about Aristotle was an opportunity to highlight the importance of philosophy and its role for the modern man, since philosophy for Aristotle was not just a love for knowledge in its theoretical function, but a practical activity in the fulfillment of the aspiration towards the best life for the human being.

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International Music Day 2016

International Music Day was marked in Zagreb, Croatia with the performance of the New Acropolis choir “Enodia” in the central City Library. With this event New Acropolis joined this great UNESCO initiative started in 1975, with the aim of promoting music as a universal arts form and value belonging to all people.

Through the program entitled “On the wings of music” the audience was presented with a selection of seven musical pieces. The performance of the choir was preceded by a short lecture on the mythical and historical beginnings of music, on Muses as an eternal inspiration, on Pythagoras’s essential ideas of harmony and the importance of music for the ennoblement of the human inner being.

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New Acropolis Rijeka volunteers held a day of children’s activities titled ‘Who loves stories?’ at the Kraljevica Rehabilitation Center.

Children enjoyed stories, songs and rhymes, through popular characters and animals such as kings and lions, birds and frogs. Volunteers created a fruitful space for imagination, beauty, love and unity…

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otvorenje izlozbe Zanki_n

An exhibition of graphic art entitled GENESIS opened in January at New Acropolis Zagreb.

The graphics, created by Josip Zanki, President of the Croatian Association of Artists, are made in the traditional technique of four-layered coloured copper-plate printing, concealing in the background ancient geometric patterns. These multi-layered artworks, of which some were created over several years, invite a viewer to enter the labyrinth of symbolic values.

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In cooperation with the Croatian Association of Carl Orff, New Acropolis in Zagreb organized a lecture about the essential elements of Orff’s philosophy in musical education, and a workshop where adjusted musical instruments were made.

By combining different forms of music experience, participants had the opportunity to learn through speech, movement, dance, rhythm, singing and playing, about the essential principles of Orff’s musical and pedagogical approach.

The importance of music in the education and formation of a human being was mentioned already by Plato in the Republic: “Education in music is most sovereign, because more than anything else rhythm and harmony find their way to the inmost soul and take strongest hold upon it, bringing with them and imparting grace.”

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New Acropolis celebrated the World Philosophy Day in the city of Podgorica (Republic of Montenegro). A group of volunteers from neighboring Croatia set up an information stand in the main square of the city.

The citizens of Podgorica showed a lot of interest in the Wheel of Virtues and around a hundred people who had the courage to spin it, randomly chose a valuable virtue and a related philosophical thought which they took away for inspiration.

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