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A lecture was held on the spirit of Japan at New Acropolis Constanza: a doorway to the world in which interest in external achievements is harmoniously combined with inner achievements to form the human character, and in which courage, honesty, patience and selfless action are core values.

In the starkness of the Japanese archipelago, great souls have found a guide in the rules of honor of the Samurai code, an excellent example of moral principles and of living life with dignity and honor.


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New Acropolis volunteers visited the daycare and school in the small community of Dor Mărunt, and were greeted by the children with flowers, songs, and poetry. Each child received a package of school supplies, and the Center was equipped with new shelving and books for their library.

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We celebrated the day of ‘Dragobete’ (Romanian God of Joy and of Love) with a visit to our friends at the St. Mihail and Gavril senior center. All guests enjoyed special moments thanks to the dance, songs, the poetry and an unexpected ‘Costume Carnival’. Finally, volunteers offered a beautiful cake decorated with the symbols of love and friendship. As souvenir, each person received a “mărţişor”, a handmade symbol of Romanian Spring.

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In collaboration with the Arad Complex Museum, the museum of History and Archaeology of the city, New Acropolis took part once again this year, in the ‘Night of Museums’ with various thematic workshops. On this occasion, in addition to the traditional painting of archaeological reproductions workshop, volunteers offered a workshop in Japanese calligraphy, an opportunity to involve visitors in the world of colors, symbols, aesthetics and philosophy.


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New Acropolis Bucharest celebrated World Philosophy Day, and the program of activities this year included a thematic exhibition entitled “History and Philosophical Ideas”: a journey remembering great philosophers along with their most important ideas.

The event began with the lecture entitled “Thoughts on time, destiny and free will”, given by the national director of New Acropolis Romania, Professor Ivo Ivanovici. In the next days three documentary films about the ancient Egyptian civilization were screened, and a series of open philosophical debates took place focusing on the following topics:
· The inner self, what’s involved in this process and what criteria must we use to evaluate our actions, thoughts, and emotions? · Time: the theme is inspired by the ideas of Seneca in his work ‘The Brevity of life’ · The search for values: about materialistic, spiritual, personal and universal values.

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This year’s edition of ‘Street Delivery’ brought together artists and skilled artisans.  New Acropolis volunteers organized several workshops for all those interested, including the creation of textile dolls, handmade jewelry such as traditional bracelets, and painting of archaeological reproductions based on the works found in the world’s largest museums.

The ‘Rosetta Stone’ workshop offered the opportunity to manufacture reproductions of this famous stone which represented the decryption key to hieroglyphic writing.

Last, but not least, people interested in philosophy had the chance to discuss Timeless Values in order to help them redefine a healthy attitude towards work during an open discussion called ‘Youth and Work’.


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New Acropolis Timisoara volunteers visited the teenagers from Saint Nicholas Center, a partnership that began two years ago.   The activity took place during “The Week of Volunteering” event, organized by Pro Vobis.

On this occasion volunteers prepared a play adaptation of The Little Prince story, aiming to foster the youths’ sensitivity towards theater and art, but also bring them closer to valuable life lessons contained in the short but timeless work by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.


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