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This year’s edition of ‘Street Delivery’ brought together artists and skilled artisans.  New Acropolis volunteers organized several workshops for all those interested, including the creation of textile dolls, handmade jewelry such as traditional bracelets, and painting of archaeological reproductions based on the works found in the world’s largest museums.

The ‘Rosetta Stone’ workshop offered the opportunity to manufacture reproductions of this famous stone which represented the decryption key to hieroglyphic writing.

Last, but not least, people interested in philosophy had the chance to discuss Timeless Values in order to help them redefine a healthy attitude towards work during an open discussion called ‘Youth and Work’.


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New Acropolis Timisoara volunteers visited the teenagers from Saint Nicholas Center, a partnership that began two years ago.   The activity took place during “The Week of Volunteering” event, organized by Pro Vobis.

On this occasion volunteers prepared a play adaptation of The Little Prince story, aiming to foster the youths’ sensitivity towards theater and art, but also bring them closer to valuable life lessons contained in the short but timeless work by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.


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On this special occasion, dedicated also to the most passionate readers, New Acropolis Oradea organized a Conference addressing two main themes: the adventure of life and the importance of History.

As a starting point, answers were sought in the explanations of philosophers, in ideas based on the philosophy of Cicero, Plato and Buddha on the meaning of history and its links with the life of each individual, and in certain ideas about the laws that govern our lives from the perspective of the ancient hindu text Bhagavad Gita.

The Conference was held at the Gheorghe Şincai Municipal Library, and was presented by Andreea Neacşu, who is in charge of the activities organized by New Acropolis Oradea.

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Let's do it TimisNew Acropolis Timisoara volunteers took part in the clean-up campaign ‘Let’s do it, Timis!’ This time, the action was an important step in the TM1000 project, started by local environmental organizations in order to make of Timis County the cleanest in Romania  in a period of 1000 days.

This year volunteers cleared a field on the outskirts of Timisoara, and the road to the village of Utvin. Within a few hours, our group of volunteers gathered nearly one hundred bags with a 240 liters capacity. Volunteers also collected plastic and glass to help recycle garbage.


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New Acropolis Attended the International Exhibition of Books for Children and Youth that was held on World Book Day.The nineteenth edition of the event was held in Chisinau and brought together many people interested in publishing, education and art. The first two days of the event were so crowded that groups of children waited in line for that special moment when they could discover books from all over the world.

Those who visited the New Acropolis booth learned about new titles: The Alchemist by Jorge Angel Livraga Rizzi and Age of Aquarius by Laura Winckler. Also, volunteers from New Acropolis presented the importance of philosophy in education.

During this event, participants also had the opportunity to practice the technique of painting on archaeological reproductions. Children, parents, siblings, teachers, were all able to encounter ancient Egyptian gods and gain interest in books that still talk about the Egyptian mysteries.

We thank the organizers IBBY and the National Library for Children and Youth ‘Ion Creanga’ for the invitation to participate in this wonderful book show.

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Librarian Day at the Oradea University LibraryOradea University Library, in cooperation with the Librarians Association of Romania – Bihor branch, celebrated Librarian Day through a program that included presentations on literature, book value, the meaning of language, but also dance, theater workshops, and musical moments.

During the event, New Acropolis presented a philosophical workshop called ‘Earn time! Explore the classics’. Participants discussed how ideas drawn from classical philosophy can help us solve the pressing problem of lack of time. The overall conclusion, inspired by stoic philosophy, was that it is up to us to spend time well and in line with important aspects of our development, and to achieve this it is necessary to be aware of our own values and principles. Participants appreciated the eclectic approach and the opportunity to discuss some key issues of life.

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World Book Day celebrated at the City Hall Teenage CentreOn the occasion of World Book Day, commemorated by UNESCO , a group of New Acropolis volunteers spent an afternoon with the teenagers from the Saint Nicholas Juvenile Center in Timisoara.

Volunteers prepared some activities to help bring children closer to the rich and beautiful world of books, which included the performance of two plays: one inspired from a Chinese fairy tale, Bag of Wonders, and the other from Arabic culture, Aladdin and the Magic Lamp.

Using an interactive game, the older teens embarked on an adventure to find treasures hidden among the pages of the novel The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien. It was indeed a unique experience to hear children speak about the friendships they had formed at the Center and reveal some of the dreams they have for when they grow up.

The children also received school supplies and fruits, and more books for the library that was built for them the previous year.

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