Hiking and horse riding (Košice, Slovakia)

Nature trips are always a welcome and rewarding opportunity to change the surroundings, at least for a while. If you add to this the beautiful weather, colorful nature, beautiful views […]

Lotus night walk 2022 (Belgium)

During the month of May, we used to organized a walk of 50 km during the night! This year was not the exception. Going out from the confort zone by […]

International Mother Earth Day 2022 (Cyprus)

As a part in the international project of New Acropolis in honor o Mother Earth Day, Cyprus organized a hike on the nature trail ¨Kannoures¨ in Troodos mountains. Members and […]

Sports day (Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala)

The members of the Antigua Guatemala Centre, together with their families, enjoyed a morning of sports with tennis, soccer, basketball and a walk through the forest. The objective of this […]