Strategy games to train the mind (Peru)

The Promotion of Culture area organized the “Night of Strategy Games”, with the aim of helping participants foster flexible thinking, imagination, observation, logic and the ability to optimize the resources […]

Ascent to Mount Fuji (Japan)

              The students of New Acropolis climbed Mt. Fuji. A great adventure where the participants have learnt about the importance of overcoming limits and […]

Exercising in the Park (Nicosia, Cyprus)

Philosophy embraces all aspects of life and being in contact with nature and the environment is definitely one of them. During the sunny days of Spring, members of New Acropolis, […]

Sportive morning (Managua, Nicaragua)

Meeting in a city park to celebrate International Sports Day with games and physical activities. Participants engaged in practices that tested values such as teamwork, discipline, tolerance and respect for […]

Enjoying The Nature (Yokohama, Japan)

Hiking around Ten-en mountain – Kamakura. We enjoy the beauty of its flora, and the song of the typical Japanese bird: the nightingale or ugugisu. We also practice breathing exercises […]

Trip to Bohemian Paradise (Liberec, Czech Republic)

Journey to Bohemian Paradise (Český Ráj). They visited observation tower in Hlavatice u Trutnova, where they reminded themselves the myth of Theseus and the labyrint, one historical homestead called Kopicův […]