Bowling training ( Bratislava, Slovakia)

Members of New Acropolis took part in a bowling training session. Bowling as a sport requires concentration on the moment of the throw, good technique, that is, combining swing, strength, […]

Ascent to the hills of Pohorje (Slovenia)

Two-day hike through the hills of Pohorje, or the so-called Pohorje Traverse to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the New Acropolis in the country. Acropolis (acro-polis) means the […]

Sports Activities in Nature (Manaos, Brazil)

The International Organisation New Acropolis promoted another edition of Lazer Sunday with walks and sports activities in the rural part of the city, an area of Amazon rainforest, situated at […]

Baru Volcano Expedition (Panama)

To celebrate the beginning of the year 2023, members of New Acropolis Panama organized a guided expedition to the summit of the Baru Volcano in the Panamanian province of Chiriqui. […]

Pilgrimage (Portugal)

Towards the end of April, members of New Acropolis Portugal took part in their traditional Peregrinatio, now in its fifth year. Over four days, they walked to different places with […]

Tourist trip to Poľana (Slovakia, Bratislava)

Trips to nature help us strengthen our health and get to know the world. The participants of the tourist trip to Poľana from New Acropolis Slovakia admired the caldera of an […]

Mini Olympic Games (Israel)

The competitive space provides us with the most real playground one could ask for – a playground of life, physical but also emotional boundaries are put to the test and […]

Canoe trip on Little Danube (Bratislava, Slovakia)

Members and friends of New Akropolis spent an adventurous day canoeing the Little Danube. The beautiful nature, the calm surface of the Danube – all this contributed to an unforgettable experience […]