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Inspired by the ancient traditions of Olympic sportsmanship, we recreated a day of competitions across several disciplines, as a way to foster the spirit of fraternity that always characterized the games.

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New Acropolis Santa Tecla organized “The Game of Life” with the objective of recreating for participants a playful space of coexistence and reflection on relevant themes such as leadership, values, conflict management, creating an inner space, our role in the change that we want to see in the world, etc.

This challenge consisted of a philosophical rally, a circuit of 4 challenges/tests that needed to be overcome to move to the next station and complete the race. Overcoming challenges required teamwork and were based on the teachings of great thinkers and philosophers of history, so that each passed test held a key of wisdom to be applied to daily life.


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FOT-TIR-16-07-05-MAI TAI-NR.1 FOT-TIR-16-07-05-MAI TAI-NR.2FOT-TIR-16-07-05-MAI TAI-NR.15 FOT-TIR-16-07-05-MAI TAI-NR.19






The Martial Arts Club of New Acropolis Tirana has been coordinating weekly meetings with the volunteers of the center. The main activities of this club are: practical breathing lessons, self- defense arts, boxing techniques, “Muay Thai” techniques etc. By taking part in such activities participants further develop their memory, imagination, attention, and concentration skills.

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IMG-20160605-WA0003 (1)
The 23rd edition of the New Acropolis chess tournament was held at the Abrantes Palace in Madrid.

This tournament, which has been consolidated year after year, has become one of the most long-living and prestigious of the Andalusian community, as well as one of the most attractive of the Granada calendar of events.

It was a success, with many participants coming from different clubs in different locations of Granada. The ceremony of delivery of diplomas and awards, was officiated by the director of the tournament D. Aurelio Novo and presided over by the referee of the contest D.Guillermo Barranco.

At the end of the event, attendees were thanked for their participation and the next edition of the tournament was discussed!

2016-6-3 torneo de ajedrez (5)an
2016-6-3 torneo de ajedrez (25)an

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Open classroom organized by New Acropolis Governador Valadares (Minas Gerais-Brazil) at the peak of Ibiturana, the main tourist destination of the city, a majestic black stone which can be seen from all the districts of the city.

On this occasion, the classes were I Ai Do and Kyudo. I Ai Do is the Japanese martial art of unsheathing the sword, and Kyudo is the Japanese martial art of archery.

2016 GV Brasil-S AAMM1 2016 GV Brasil-S AAMM2

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About 60 volunteers involved in the New Acropolis Practical Philosophy Course, from various cities of the country, gathered for four days for a sports training with Professor Francisco Iglesias of New Acropolis Spain.

Inspired by timeless values such as goodness, beauty, and justice, the training sought to recover the Olympic spirit which is, above all the development of virtues, the knowledge of oneself and pushing our own limits.

Through sports activities such as volleyball, football, exercises with TRX, aerobics in the water, exercises for expanding pulmonary capacity and others, each person could be as he is and develop values such as generosity,  gratitude, collaboration and philosophical friendship.
IMG_9914 IMG_9907 IMG_9890 IMG_9969 IMG_9966 IMG_9921 IMG_9898 P1220554 P1220305P1220530 (1)

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Dic1New Acropolis Liberia organized a tour of Rio Celeste, in Tenorio National Park, where we can appreciate the unique phenomenon of intense turquoise waters at a point of intersection between the tributaries of two rivers containing aluminum silicates. The refraction of the sun’s rays on these silicates gives rise to this particular tone in the water.



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