International Nei Kung Meeting (Belgium)

International online meeting of all practitioners of Nei Kung, -a philosophical and symbolic martial art-, in a meeting that somehow connected us with its historical beginnings. Beyond computer technology, this […]

Lotus walk “Marche de lotus” (Belgium)

“One step further” was the central idea of our traditional walk held this May 8th. 50 km were the challenge for the members and friends of New Acropolis Belgium. Accompanied by […]

Chess Club (Guatemala)

The online Chess Club was launched, with a weekly meeting. On the first day, the basic rules, principles and strategies applicable to the sport were established.

Walk in the Haut-Pays region (Belgium)

Members of New Acropolis organized a walk in the Haut-Pays region. This one is located in an area of very high biological value. In Wallonia, the Hauts-Pays are for many […]

Philosophical hike (Braga, Portugal)

  New Acropolis organized a philosophical walk for members and friends through the Serra D’Arga, an area of great importance in Alto Miño, where the Arga Wind Park is located. […]

Excursion in the Ceahlau Mountain (Romania)

A group of members from many branches (Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Oradea, Bucharest) from the New Acropolis organized the climb to Ceahlău mountain, a nature reserve where geology, flora and fauna create […]

Replenish and reconnect with Nature! (Australia)

A group of members and friends from New Acropolis gatheredat the Jumping Creek Reserve, Warrandyte to walk together silently in Nature. Nature has never been as accessible and safe for […]