Chess Tournament (Guatemala, Guatemala)

A chess tournament was held with nearly twenty participants playing at different levels. The Swiss Perfect system was used to carry out the rounds and the tiebreaker systems were bucholtz […]

Climbing Training (Greece-Athens)

Members of the New Acropolis, some being experts in guiding others in the endeavor,  had the opportunity to get in touch with the secrets of climbing: contact with the mountain, […]

Climbing on Vitosha 2022 (Bulgaria)

Inspired by the anniversary of 65 years since the establishment of the New Acropolis world wide, members of the New Acropolis Bulgaria gathered to climb mount “Cherny vruh”, the highest […]

Olympic conviviality in Barcelona (Spain)

The School of Sports with Heart project brought together athletes from New Acropolis Barcelona and Sabadell and Es Racó de Ses Idees de Mallorca to enjoy a sporting experience with […]

Lotus Night Walk 2022 (Belgium)

During the month of May we usually organize a 50 km night walk! This year was no exception. Getting out of the comfort zone by challenging our own limits was […]