A trip to Orlice river (Czech Republic)

During one weekend, members of New Acropolis from 3 cities – Hradec Kálové, Liberec and Pardubice – decided to become sailors and launch their boats down the Orlice River, which […]

Virtual Chess Championship (Peru)

The Promotion of Culture dept organized the First Virtual Chess Championship aimed at volunteer members from all over the country. During one morning more than 150 games were held where […]

Ascending Acatenango Volcano (Guatemala)

Volunteers and friends of New Acropolis ascended the Acatenango Volcano more than 3 thousand meters above sea level. An incredible exercise of will and a lot of camaraderie on the […]

San Silvestre Race (Guatemala)

As is tradition, New Acropolis volunteers participated in the San Silvestre Race to welcome the year with renewed energy. This time the theme was the popular Star Wars saga and […]

50 km cross-country skiing race (Czech Republic)

For the third time the sport enthusiasts of New Acropolis participated in the cross-country ski race “Jizerská padesátka”. Thanks to training, nice weather and fresh snow our athletes managed to […]