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The program ‘Child for the Good’ provides social, educational and medical services on a regular basis and free of charge, to children from 4 to 16 years of age, in low-income communities living near the New Acropolis Brasilia Center. The project goal is clear; to provide a better future for these children and to contribute to their human development through the theoretical and practical training in music, ballet, martial arts as well as educational support in various subjects.

The program currently serves more than one hundred girls in the ballet workshops (baby class, initial, basic and intermediate), and nearly one hundred girls and boys in the workshops of choral singing, musical education, flute, violin, viola, cello and guitar.

Last December the 2016 course wrap-up celebration was held at the Poupex Theater, which for the second consecutive year made its stage available to New Acropolis.

All the children presented to their parents and the director of the program, Luis Carlos Marques Fonseca, the result of a year of hard work, perseverance and overcoming limitations.

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Day dedicated to community services on the part of New Acropolis volunteers, who helped over one hundred people who came to the stand installed on Republic Square.
A main objective was to provide health-related education and guidance, such as learning to regulate blood pressure and to know blood sugar levels, among other things.
A blood donation campaign was carried out on the same day.
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Brazil celebrated World Philosophy Day 2016 with the title: ‘Fraternal coexistence: How to make this happen in a world in conflict?’
Around 3000 people took part in a programme of events which included lectures, debates, round tables, artistic performances (music, theater, poetry), etc.
The Photography Competition ‘The Look of the Thinker: Photographing Ideas’, a project for the public in general, was also presented.
The event received the support of 52 institutions, including UNESCO itself and companies like INFRAERO, INFRAMERICA, several newspapers and TV stations. The tribute had excellent press coverage.

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2016 Curitiba Brasil-S Plotino01
The ‘Reading Club’, an on-going project promoted by New Acropolis Curitiba, discussed the work by Plotinus On Beauty.
After the reading of a selected text, participants shared reflections.  The objective of this activity is to encourage reading and reflection on the classical philosophers.

2016 Curitiba Brasil-S Plotino02

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Carried out by the JANOS program of philosophy for young people of New Acropolis, Philosogeek seeks to promote, philosophically, the best of Pop culture of Indie Games, role-playing games, board games, HQ, martial arts and Cosplays, and rescue the myths and symbolism present in the stories, books, movies and games.

In its second edition, visited by about 300 people, there were exhibitions, interactive activities, and lectures titled: Dungeons & Dragons: Light and Shadow, How to be authentic in a world of shadows, The Saga of Tolkien, and Avengers and Heroes with a philosophical interpretation.

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With only three months of classes, the students of the project “Music for the Good”, from New Acropolis Brasilia, as well as their instructors, presented their first performances. A year ago, this project was only a dream.

With guitars, cellos, recorders and other instruments received from the Embassy of Australia, with the support from the “sponsors of the good” and from volunteers, workshops have been offered and teachers have been hired.

These children of low-income families have begun to explore a new path through music, and at their first concert, showed great talent, determination and much love for music.

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The Director of New Acropolis Luis Carlos Marques Fonseca received the title of ‘Honorary Citizen of the Federal District’, in the city of Brasilia. The title, awarded by the Legislative Chamber of the Federal District, is a recognition for his 30 +  years dedicated to the promotion of philosophy, culture and of volunteering in Brasilia and in Brazil. Professor Luis Carlos belongs to the generation of pioneers in the promotion of philosophy in the classical manner in Brazil and has contributed to thousands of people having benefited from philosophical teachings.

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