Talk on Japanese Mythology (Panama)

Talk on Japanese mythology, getting to know this culture and its mystical vision of life. We talked about the most relevant mythological characters including Izanagi, Izanami, Amaterasu and some of […]

The importance of failure (Panama)

Series of practical and useful talks for daily life problems. Failure is a topic that is not very accepted in our daily lives, so much so that we can be […]

The Samurai Code (Panama)

New Acropolis Panama dedicated the month of August to Japanese culture. The Samurai Code and its roots of honor, safeguarding the sacred in the temples.           […]

Adoption of puppies (Panama)

We supported the four-legged friends club in a day of adoption of puppies and kittens rescued from the streets. In addition to caring and giving love to the animals, we […]

Series of online lectures on Egypt (Panama)

The series of lectures presented by New Acropolis volunteers and the national director of New Acropolis Panama, aimed to promote the knowledge of this wonderful civilization.

Educational visit to the Sloth Sanctuary (Panama)

Visit to the Sloth Sanctuary of the Panamerican Association for Conservation Panama@appcpanama in Gamboa rainforest – a wonderful opportunity to be in contact with nature, to become aware of the […]

“Mythological Heroes” (Panama)

Mythological Heroes with their inspiring feats and symbols show us what is really important on the hero’s path – not the fantastic powers that define their title, but their way […]

Puppet workshop with recycled material (Panama)

A online workshop was held for the general public. In the previous programme, information was provided on the materials that were  required to make the puppets. Also, instruction was given […]

Lecture: “Active Philosophy” (Panama)

In our talk on Active Philosophy, we talk about how great ideas accompanied by actions endure through time; about Socrates and his influence on Athenian society and from there to […]