Philosophy in art (Panama)

We participated in the commemoration of World Art Day together with the Panamanian Association of Plastic Artists, whom we thank for their invitation to be part of this event.

Beach clean-up on World Oceans Day (Panama)

On World Oceans Day, New Acropolis took part in the beach cleanup day organized by the MIMAR Foundation. A great success in terms of participation with more than a thousand […]

Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio (Panama)

Talk about how the Golden Ratio manifests itself in nature and governs our canons of beauty, because it harmonizes forms. It is such an obvious beauty that it does not […]

“Day of good actions” (Panama)

On ‘Day of good actions’ New Acropolis formed part of the event organized by the Toribia Rodriguez of Escudero Foundation, on a day dedicated to health for pets, at the […]

An evening with Plato (Panama)

Representation of Plato’s dialogues entitled “Beauty, justice, love, the myth of the cave and how he met his Teacher”, in which performers tried to approach and share his ideas in […]