Festival of books (Panama)

For two days, second-hand books were put up for sale at low cost, an initiative of New Acropolis to provide access to books and promote the joy of reading in […]

Philosophical workshop (Panama)

Philosophical workshop: a space to give ourselves the answers we need. It is difficult to find places in large cities where you can think and reflect upon transcendental issues without […]

Marie Curie a martyr of Science (Panama)

Homage to Marie Curie, a martyr of Science. Presently we see her like that, even though she was fortunate to have found in life her purpose and with it to […]

Plato’s myths: useful and fun (Panama)

Plato’s myths are always current, and can also be entertaining! Allegory of the Chariot: In this myth Plato describes what the soul looks like and represents the rough and uncontrolled […]