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New Acropolis Cordoba presented a two-day seminar on pre-Columbian cultures, including the Inca, Maya, and Aztec.
Students, teachers and participants in general deepened their understanding of Symbology, of the organization of societies and of the human values that native Americans had cultivated.

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Nueva Acrópolis Córdoba por el Día Mundial de la Mujer, Buen Pastor, Córdoba.

In the framework of the activities commemorating International Women’s Day, New Acropolis Cordoba participated in the Conference organized by the government in the Buen Pastor complex in the center of the city.

In a talk dedicated to women philosophers, the director of New Acropolis Argentina-North, María Kokolaki, spoke about the feminine nature and its role in the history of humanity, journeying through the ancient cultures of Greece, Rome, Egypt, India, China and America.

The talk was transmitted live with screens and external loudspeakers.

The Governor of Cordoba congratulating the director of New Acropolis

She presented twelve women who have stood out in the cultivation of human values, including Hypatia of Alexandria, Joan of Arc, Helena Blavatsky, Marie Curie, Mother Teresa, Maria Reiche.

The talk was featured in the media and transmitted live to the city by screens and external loudspeakers. At the closing ceremony, the Governor of Cordoba congratulated New Acropolis for its cultural and educational contribution, and gave its director a gift.

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With the slogan “We exchange books – we exchange ideas”, volunteers and friends of New Acropolis Cordoba, got together every Tuesday during the month of February at the New Acropolis center and in the Park de las Tejas of the city, to share books, reflections and stories! A lovely summer activity that was intended to inspire the culture of reading and the generosity of sharing!

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New Acropolis Cordoba organized a nine-hour  intensive workshop titled ‘Philosophy and Art’.
Themes discussed included beauty, ethics, aesthetics, symbolism and philosophy in Greek, Roman, Egyptian and American cultures. The workshop was based on sample images of artistic works pertaining to these civilizations, allowing a trip through space and time from the hand of philosophy and art.

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One of the greatest desires which brings humanity together is wanting to improve our world, and this theme assembled   youths and adults at the talk titled “Philosophy for the future: Keys to a better world”, presented in Balvanera, Buenos Aires, on the occasion of World Philosophy Day.

The presentation was tackled from the perspectives of three great philosophers: Plato, Marcus Aurelius, and Confucius. In the teachings of Marcus Aurelius participants discovered the importance of a vision of Unity.
Through Confucius, we reflected on the importance of ethics for individual behavior. We ended with Plato, who through the myth of the cave, showed us the need for each individual to bring out the best that he has inside and help others out of this allegorical cave.

The talk gave way to a discussion whereby attendees shared some everyday problems they struggle with, and philosophical reflections.

Día Mundial de la Filosofia

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New Acropolis Cordoba celebrated World Philosophy Day in the Square of Philosophers, located at the National University of the city. Friends and volunteers participated in a fun philosophical evening, engaging passers-by with interactive games.

Laughter and mates brightened up an already beautiful and sunny spring afternoon! Philosophy will remain relevant as there are people who look for new horizons to improve the world with their commitment and solidarity!

Día Mundial de Filosofía en Córdoba Argentina

Día Mundial de Filosofía en Córdoba Argentina


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Noticia 16-08-06 - Seminario América - Balvanera
A seminar was held at the Balvanera Center in Buenos Aires, presented by Luis Soto about pre-Columbian America, highlighting the rich and intriguing cultures that inhabited this area, their origins, myths, customs, and their vision of man and the universe.

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