The Earth Day (Croatia)

Members of the New Acropolis in Rijeka marked the Earth Day by organizing a lecture followed by two educational workshops: How to properly separate waste and turn old clothes into […]

Earth Day (Yokohama, Japan)

              To celebrate Earth Day this year, a cleaning was done around busy Yokohama station on Saturday, April 23rd. School members participated in the […]

When Earth speaks – Earth Day (Austria)

Austria-wide activities of New Acropolis for the “Earth Day 2022”  Many hundreds of interested people came to about 30 events in 8 cities all over Austria.  Among other things, a […]

Earth Day (Osaka, Japan)

It is spring season in Japan now, so the students of New Acropolis Osaka cleaned Ryokuchi Park on Sunday, April 24th. Now everyone can enjoy the flowers even more!