Philosophers of Munich cleaning river

Clean-up of a small river (Munich, Germany)

Once again, volunteers from New Acropolis Munich – as part of the solidarity with nature activities they perform – gathered to clean up a small river and its surroundings. Equipped […]

New Acropolis Toronto - Volunteering on Earth Day

Tree Planting on Earth Day 2017 (Toronto, Canada)

Volunteers from New Acropolis Toronto continued the annual tradition of planting trees at Downsview Park. Since 1999, volunteers have joined other citizens of the city to transform an old military […]

World Earth Day (Košice, Slovakia)

To commemorate World Earth Day, an ecological forum was organized in the city of Košice at which New Acropolis was invited to present its activities and give a lecture on […]

Eco-Sofia 2017 (Sofía, Bulgaria)

A group of volunteers from New Acropolis Sofia participated for the eighth time in the annual clean-up of the capital. The ecological campaign was carried out in cooperation with the […]