Caring for trees near Zlin (Czech Republic)

New ecological action in the forests near your city. An area where volunteers had planted some oak trees in 2016. This time, in addition to clearing the growing trees, more […]

Andean peripatetics (La Paz, Bolivia)

We hiked the Cerro Grincuni, enjoying the beautiful scenery while talking about philosophy and cleaning the trail.  It was a day inspired by the grandeur of the mountains and the […]

Recycling workshop for beginners (Panama)

To commemorate Earth Day, a recycling workshop for beginners was held. The different classifications and ways of recycling that can be done at home in a simple way were shown. […]

Visit in a dog shelter (Bulgaria)

New Acropolis Bulgaria organized a visit to a dog shelter in Kostinbrod, Bulgaria called “Every Dog Matters”. The volunteers brought as gifts soft pillows for the dogs produced by hand […]

Acropolis Forest (Armenia, Colombia)

To commemorate Mother Earth Day, volunteers from New Acropolis Colombia in alliance with Ecoparque Peñas Blancas are developing the Acropolis Forest project consisting of “Sowing Life” by reforesting with a […]