Campaign “Cleaning our environment” (Belgium)

New Acropolis volunteers actively participated in the campaign “Operation cleaning our environment” by collecting trash. Our goal: to collaborate with the municipality in the cleaning of streets, sidewalks, bike paths […]

Eco Sofia (Sofia, Bulgaria)

For the 11th time in a row volunteers from the New Acropolis did a spring cleaning of one of the most visited Sofia’s parks – Borisova Garden. The event was also […]

World Earth Day 2021 (Rijeka, Croatia)

The members of the New Acropolis celebrated Earth Day by cleaning up two places in the city, one next to the city parking lot and the other near the beach. […]

Ecological clean-up (Prague, Czech Republic)

Every spring New Acropolis organizes ecological clean-ups. However, 2021 isn’t kind to any large event due to government restrictions. Members of New Acropolis Prague were smart and organized a clean-up […]

World Earth Day 2021 – (Seoul, South Korea)

In this special day, members and friends from New Acropolis in Seoul built a community garden. Through this activity we could expressed our gratitude to Earth, and remember that an […]

Together for the garden (Bologna, Italy)

New Acropolis carried out an activity at the Bulgarelli Garden in Bologna, adopted four years ago. As every month, the volounteers of the association were protagonists in the ecological cleaning […]