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Lecture entitled “Philosophy helps us get through the crisis: Lessons and examples from the Stoics”, organized by New Acropolis Maribor at the ‘Vetrinjski Dvor’ public lecture hall on World Philosophy Day. The activity was attended by a large audience in addition to being recorded by Agora radio for the Slovenian minority in Austria. Each visitor received a small gift, a bookmark with a phrase of the Stoics.

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The Publishing House of New Acropolis Slovenia published a new book titled ‘An option of life’, comprising a selection of articles on psychology and philosophy by  Jelena Sikirić, psychologist and director of New Acropolis Russia.

The presentation of the book took place at ‘Literature House’ in Maribor, and included some words on the author and selected readings of her work.

Presentation of a new book


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On the occasion of the arrival of Spring, New Acropolis Slovenia held a photography contest with the allegorical theme “Wake up”. The images were shared on our Facebook where people could choose their favorite.

The winner received as a prize a book by Jorge Angel Livraga, the founder of New Acropolis.


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Art kamp Maribor, SloveniaArt kamp Maribor, SloveniaNew Acropolis in Slovenia once again participated in the summer festival Artkamp in the main park of Maribor. The goal of our workshop was to teach children (and their parents) the laws of physics, this time the laws of optics – in the context of the International Year of Light.

With some simple experiments children learned how our eyes work, how the camera works, how we can make a simple microscope and a simple telescope and how they work, how refraction and reflection of light work and more. The children could also make a kaleidoscope and periscope by themselves. One part of the workshop also dealt with optical illusions.

When dealing with light, one finds out that our sense organs can be deceiving. They give us information about the external world, which is not indisputable truth … A picture we see, for example, can be just a reflection of an object which is not really there. The colour we see, may seem different to us if we set it in another environment … This can make us start questioning ourselves: what is the world we see and what is reality? We once again showed that physics is not boring and that we can find wonderful and interesting laws of it everywhere – if we just look around ourselves and have the will to investigate.

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Orienteering workshop, SloveniaHave you ever been lost in the woods? Many people lack the skills of knowing how to navigate in nature and finding means to guide them. For this reason New Acropolis organized an orientation workshop held in an incredible environment, the beautiful hills of Gorenja Trebuša, near Tolmin in Slovenia.

Participants first learned how to use compasses, how to estimate distances, how to estimate the quantity and weight of objects and later they went on a ‘mission’ to put their new knowledge into practice. The activity was fun and sportive but also very useful for real life.


Orienteering workshop, Slovenia

Orienteering workshop, Slovenia


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Akropolitanec_001New Acropolis Slovenia published the first issue of an electronic magazine called Akropolitanec (The Acropolitan).

Akropolitanec is the improved version of the “old” magazine that has been published every two weeks during the last 7 and a half years.



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Mithra, PtujNew Acropolis in Slovenia organized a trip to the ruins of the Mithra shrine in the suburbs of the city of Ptuj (Petovo in ancient Rome). Travelers admired a very well-preserved statue of Mithra carrying a bull to sacrifice – one of two preserved statues of this exact scene in the world. A brief talk about Mithraism religion was also held.

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