Workshops on World Philosophy Day (Slovenia)

Each year on the World Philosophy day, we remember how important it is to pursue wisdom in order to live better.   On this year’s occasion, members of New Acropolis […]

Helping people in flooded areas (Slovenia)

This year’s August in Slovenia was marked by heavy rain. The accumulation of large amount of water eventualy led to river basins being flooded in most of the country. We […]

Ascent to the hills of Pohorje (Slovenia)

Two-day hike through the hills of Pohorje, or the so-called Pohorje Traverse to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the New Acropolis in the country. Acropolis (acro-polis) means the […]

»Psychology of love« (Slovenia)

New Acropolis conducted an online course entitled “Psychology of Love”. Given the special interest of a group of deaf people, we invited an interpreter, who allowed us to communicate with […]