Photography Contest (Slovenia)

On the occasion of the arrival of Spring, New Acropolis Slovenia held a photography contest with the allegorical theme “Wake up”. The images were shared on our Facebook where people could […]

Orientation workshop in nature (Slovenia)

Have you ever been lost in the woods? Many people lack the skills of knowing how to navigate in nature and finding means to guide them. For this reason New Acropolis organized an […]

Visit to the shrine of Mithra (Ptuj, Slovenia)

New Acropolis in Slovenia organized a trip to the ruins of the Mithra shrine in the suburbs of the city of Ptuj (Petovo in ancient Rome). Travelers admired a very well-preserved […]

Evenings of literature in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

New Acropolis Ljubljana organised two evenings on literature, one in a House of literature and the other in a bookshop cafe. A presentation of the translation of the book The Voice […]