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Neue Akropolis Nürnberg Jam Session Bardentreffen 2016New Acropolis Nuremberg took part in the annual ‘Meeting of  the Bards’, which attracted more than 200,000 visitors to the city in this edition. Under the motto ‘Choose your instrument and find your tone!’, New Acropolis volunteers invited the public to participate in a ‘Jam session’, an invitation that was very well received and lasted for hours and hours…

With this proposal New Acropolis actively contributed to the cultural life of the city and gives people the option to not only consume, but also to experience and to actively partake in their own experiences.

Neue Akropolis Nürnberg Bardentreffen 2016

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Munich Volunteers cleaning river
For the third time, volunteers from New Acropolis Munich, carried out the cleaning of a brook in the North of Munich, which in recent years had accumulated trash fostering a sick ecosystem.

Volunteers pulled out of the channel items including barbed wire, a rusty fence,  several sharp metal plates which prevented the natural flow of the water.

This clean-up was a good experience and an enjoyment for all to recover the natural atmosphere of nature; to give something to nature and not just consume.

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Hero Ehibition at Munich metro station University

‘What qualifies a hero to be one?’. This was the key question in the exhibition organized at the metro station at the University in the center of Munich, upon the initiative of New Acropolis in collaboration with the City Council.

Several thousand visitors came to see the exhibition panels and attended talks given in front of the gallery.

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RetoricaAs a final test, students had to expose in public “what is philosophy today”, with a spontaneous reflection of their arguments and no written support. They also needed to control body expression and most remarkably, convey their ideas to the audience.

They effectively managed, sometimes with drastic examples or humorous comments,  to show that philosophy is a good way to live life and serving “to rebuild the bridges destroyed by anger, hatred, and envy”.

At the end of the ceremony, they received from the Director of New Acropolis Germany, Gudrun Gutdeutsch, the document which certifies that, after months of intense work, they successfully completed their Rhetoric Course.

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Nuremberg por smartphone
Close to a hundred people took part in this tour after installing an application on their phone, and thus being able to explore special places within the historical center of the city where they discovered gods, philosophers, and symbols. New Acropolis volunteers provided more details about the points of interest in certain places.

An opportunity to get to know the city from a new philosophical perspective which competed with more than 400 events offered within the framework of the “Stadt(ver)führungen” (guided tours of the city).

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Munich river cleaning

Munich new stream parenthhod

After successfully terminating a 10-year stream ‘adoption’, volunteers of New Acropolis Munich began a new project in collaboration with the city council.

On a hot summer day volunteers waded through stream waters, taking out deadwood, garbage and a rusted fence, all of which were blocking the flow. Obviously, nobody had cared about this stream for years.

Neighbors expressed their appreciation by offering the volunteers some of their home-grown vegetables, and the owner of a nearby powerhouse supported this initiative with tools and catering.

After a day of intense work, the waters started to flow more vividly, and the stream became clearer. Yet, more cleaning and care is necessary, and the volunteers naturally promised to return and continue their work….

Munich river weeding

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Workshop Trees of Life Stuttgart

Prof. Harry Costin guided participants in his ‘tree workshop’ toward interesting knowledge about their own lives. Carrying out this activity in the middle of a beautiful park of the city of Stuttgart added to this enriching experience.


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