New Acropolis says “Sorry, Earth!” (Munich, Germany)

Ecological Volunteering

Climate Autumn Munich

“Netzwerk Klimaherbst e.V. is a non-profit association that promotes climate protection. To this end, they are involved in various alliances and organize the Munich “Klimaherbst” event series and the Klima.DULT action day. The Munich Klimaherbst (climate autumn) has been active since 2007 and had a specific thematic focus every year, including energy, nutrition, urban living space, transformation and mobility. In 2023, the Munich Climate Autumn was dedicated to the topic of climate justice.

New Acropolis Munich took part in the Climate Autumn with the lecture “Sorry Earth”. Participants had the opportunity to discuss the philosophical question of justice. What difference would it make to the way we treat the environment if we perceived Earth as something living and animated?

This question helped to encourage reflection and action among the participants.

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