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Dr. Granada is a professor at the University of Barcelona, specialist of Giordano Bruno, member of the international team editing the complete works by Giordano Bruno (Les Belles Lettres, Paris) and Vice President of the Centro Internazionale di Studi Bruniani. He is also translator into Spanish and commentator of the diverse works by Giordano Bruno and Machiavelli. For the third consecutive year, in the month of February, Dr. Miguel Ángel Granada brought all his knowledge about Giordano Bruno and Renaissance Philosophy to New Acropolis Barcelona.

On this occasion we examined the ideas of Copernicus, Digges and the investigations of Giordano Bruno, and discussed the implications of the ideas of these three philosophers and astronomers of the 15th and 16th centuries.

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Karina Senatore inaugurated the exhibition entitled: “Bare Skin”. The author, together with her collaborator Nerea Urdangarin, gave a talk on the reasons that led her to create her work and what she wants to express in her creations. The work of Karina focuses on alopecia in women and the artistic treatment that can address this issue. This young woman and Fine Arts graduate discussed how art allowed her to undertake a journey of self-awareness and personal growth.

Social aesthetic stereotypes, in the case of women, give special importance to hair and this may lead women and girls to have difficulties interacting with others if they experience hair loss. The artist shows us that there are ways to face this situation with strength and also with beauty.

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The Book Club that promotes and organizes the Seneca Library, presented the book entitled: “The Trail of the Dragon. Nature and Symbol in Alchemy, Mythology and Christianity” by its author Saulo Ruíz.

The Trail of the Dragon is a remarkable text about mysteries that have lain hidden for centuries, forgotten in their own obscurity due to the loss of the esoteric meaning behind them. Now a path to their understanding opens up before us, clarifying a very significant era in the history of thought, dispelling the mists of the origin and future of the cosmos, transforming our conception of the world and furthering the sublimation of the individual.

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Sharing some moments of the great visit we made to the archaeological site of Castulo by its director, Marcelo Castro. There we were able to contemplate the portico of Trajan, the Mosaic of the Amores, Paleo-Christian construction, and the Punic tower.

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A group of volunteers from New Acropolis Sabadell spent a recent morning cleaning up an area, made up of forest and trails.

This initiative is part of the Heket project for the conservation and cleaning of the surroundings of Sabadell (forests and trails). On this occasion we also talked about the diverse trees and plants that can be found in the area, and their usefulness for health and for everyday life.

This program complements the Ríos Project, which examines the quality of water and collaborates to the cleanliness of a stretch of the Ripoll river.

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Citizens of all ages who were walking along the Paseo de Almería had an active participation in the improvised ‘Cinema Stand’ that New Acropolis set up in the street, on the occasion of the celebration of World Philosophy Day, with the theme ‘Philosophers go to the Movies!’.

It is said that cinema is probably the most influential art of the 20th century. Sometimes the expressive power of film joins forces with a philosophical message that impacts the human heart and awakens a vital reflection on reality, on the meaning of existence. Star Wars, Matrix, The Lord of the Rings, etc. are well-known movies and representative of the theme of this year. Passers-by, dressed up with costumes that they chose among our props, had a fun time improvising scenes from movies with photocall. Participants also had time for reflection, witnessing brief theatrical philosophical dialogues taking place between a teacher and students.

The event ended with a floral tribute at the foot of the statue of Almeria to the Educator in the Plaza Juan Cassinello.



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Since 2002, UNESCO established the third Thursday of each November as World Philosophy Day, to promote worldwide interest in an activity that is historically located at the heart of mankind’s cultural progress.

In this context, New Acropolis Granada, aiming to bring philosophy classes out of the classroom, organized a cycle of theater and philosophy. In this spirit, the ‘Prometheus’ Theater Group, staged at the library of the Junta of Andalucía, Antigone, a classical tragedy that highlights diverse conflicts between human and divine laws, between society and the State and between leaders and their subjects.

A lecture was presented by Lisardo Garcia with the suggestive title “Philosophy and Politics, an urgent need”, whereby several important issues vital to the future of the planet and of humanity were discussed. The theatrical performance The State against Socrates was also presented. Philosophy has always been and is the necessary impetus that has generated the evolutionary progress of humanity.



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