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If the study of science and philosophy was united until the disappearance of the library of Alexandria, what remains of that relationship?
To address this issue New Acropolis invited several speakers: Francisco Javier Pérez de la Cruz, physician and philosopher, Ana Díaz Sierra, geologist and philosopher, Bernardo Souvirón Guijo, Professor of languages and classical cultures, José Luis San Miguel de Pablos, geologist, and doctor of philosophy and Harry Costin, philosopher, and specialist in education and international relations.

The presentations focused on topics as diverse as string theory, and the philosophical approaches that its assumptions incite: the origins of science in magic, the magna science; the relationship between science, myth and philosophy; between science and consciousness; and science and truth.

Approaches focused on the role that the human being exerts in the different facets of the development of science and his incessant search for a meaning to life. Following the presentations, participants shared thoughts and insights and asked questions, a great opportunity to ‘philosophize’ with the speakers on the themes discussed throughout the event.

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BUEN CAMINO,camino de santiago_04

Talk presented by New Acropolis Castellón at the Castalia Cultural Center.

The Camino de Santiago, or Way of St. James, as a metaphor for life. In order to carry out a project in our life, we gather data, set deadlines, we do everything that is needed. But when we see our plans clearly and we set ourselves in motion, problems arise. “But if everything seemed so clear and easy!” This is easy to understand for anyone who has walked for a few days on the Camino, knowing that unforeseen events are part of the experience.

By overcoming stages, we understand that the only way to develop skills is to confront obstacles, allowing us to gain experience.

The ability to surpass ourselves is acquired to the extent that we overcome challenges and seek solutions to adverse circumstances.

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Delivery of toys to children from various associations who gathered at the New Acropolis branch to receive their gifts.
These toys were donated by numerous citizens during the ‘Seventh toy collection’ carried out by New Acropolis volunteers.

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Olga Sala, lyrical singer and New Acropolis Sabadell volunteer, gave a lecture-performance about women composers in history.

Women have been silenced for centuries in many areas, and music has not been an exception. Women such as Santa Kassia (9th), Hildegarda von Bingen (11th century – 12th) and Maddalena Casulana (16th century) are examples of women composers who were underestimated in their time and recovered centuries later.

By commemorating International Women’s Day, once again this year, we gave a voice to their works.

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A wine tasting is more an art than a science, since it requires a sensitivity and subtlety in the language which can transmit a fleeting impression in an exciting way. Trying to achieve this goal, the evening began with an explanation of the different wines that participants would have the opportunity of tasting, accompanied by a tasting of different delicious dishes.
And all this with a perfect combination, reciting poems to wine and to love, along with the wonderful music played by a great Brazilian pianist and the warm voice of a singer.





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Dr. Granada is a professor at the University of Barcelona, specialist of Giordano Bruno, member of the international team editing the complete works by Giordano Bruno (Les Belles Lettres, Paris) and Vice President of the Centro Internazionale di Studi Bruniani. He is also translator into Spanish and commentator of the diverse works by Giordano Bruno and Machiavelli. For the third consecutive year, in the month of February, Dr. Miguel Ángel Granada brought all his knowledge about Giordano Bruno and Renaissance Philosophy to New Acropolis Barcelona.

On this occasion we examined the ideas of Copernicus, Digges and the investigations of Giordano Bruno, and discussed the implications of the ideas of these three philosophers and astronomers of the 15th and 16th centuries.

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Karina Senatore inaugurated the exhibition entitled: “Bare Skin”. The author, together with her collaborator Nerea Urdangarin, gave a talk on the reasons that led her to create her work and what she wants to express in her creations. The work of Karina focuses on alopecia in women and the artistic treatment that can address this issue. This young woman and Fine Arts graduate discussed how art allowed her to undertake a journey of self-awareness and personal growth.

Social aesthetic stereotypes, in the case of women, give special importance to hair and this may lead women and girls to have difficulties interacting with others if they experience hair loss. The artist shows us that there are ways to face this situation with strength and also with beauty.

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