Presentation: Terpsichore Choir (Madrid, Spain)

Coinciding with the celebration of the Christmas party at the Madrid Central Branch, the official presentation of the Terpsichore choir took place, made up of members and friends of New […]

Poetry Recital (Vigo, Spain)

The Erato Poetry group offered a poetry recital in our auditorium, where we could immerse ourselves in the world of words, where the verses came to life and emotions were […]

6th Science Forum: Future World (Alicante, Spain)

New Acropolis held the 6th Science Forum “Future World” with the participation of speakers including Ana Díaz Sierra (geologist), with a lecture entitled “The materialist paradigm”, and Juan Miguel Valverde […]

“For Problems… Poems!” (Castellón, Spain)

A poetry recital was organized with presentations of poetry, songs, theatrical performances and live music. A spontaneous artistic cocktail that gave free rein to the inspiration that moved everyone present. […]

Philosophical Volleyball (Bilbao, Spain)

          With the enthusiasm and energy of summer, the volleyball team of N.A. Bilbao continued their training in a sport that requires a lot of preparation […]