Reading Club and Film-Forum: ‘The Color Purple’ (Bilbao, Spain)

Cultural Activities



The Amets Liburua book club, promoted by the Giordano Bruno Library, met at the Luzarra Cultural Space to discuss Alice Walker‘s 1983 Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winning book “The Color Purple”.

The work, set in early 20th century rural South America, narrates the life of Celie, a black teenager who is pregnant by her father.

At the event, the harshness of this story was discussed, including the violence, racism and brutality that human beings can exert, especially on women.

The following day the movie based on the book was screened, The Color Purple, directed by Steven Allan Spielberg in 1985, who adapted with great beauty and elegance this moving story for the human soul.


Participants pointed out that beyond the story and its actors, the book and the film make people reflect on human issues such as friendship, dignity, God, and the meaning of life….


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