Tribute to Giordano Bruno (Colombia)

New Acropolis Colombia has produced a mural in the municipality of Circasia, Department of Quindío, in commemoration of its international anniversary. The mural, painted by Maestro Henry Aguirre and named […]

DarMas Bazaar (Colombia)

DarMas (GiveMore), a bazaar for the purpose of raising funds for the elderly of a nursing home in the city. New Acropolis organized a campaign to collect food, crafts, decorative […]

Getting out of the Labyrinth (Medellin, Colombia)

Members of the library group from the Medellin center organized a gathering on mythology entitled “Crete, Theseus’ heroic journey, his Labyrinth and his Minotaur.” Participants learned from the ideas offered […]

Dickens, always relevant (Medellin, Colombia)

It is already a tradition for the central branch in Medellin to present an adaptation of Charles Dickens’ unforgettable work A Christmas Carol, at the end of the year. A […]