Cuban evening (Medellin, Colombia)

Artistic night to the rhythm of Salsa, Bolero and Cuban music at the central branch of Medellin. In addition to enjoying the colors and flavors of Antillean music with two […]

Gastrosophy (Medellín, Colombia)

New Acropolis Medellin organized ‘Gastrosophy’, a gastronomic evening with flavors from five countries of the world. Participants had the opportunity to taste dishes from India, Egypt, China, Greece and Italy,  a […]

Tribute to Giordano Bruno (Medellin, Colombia)

Tribute to the Renaissance philosopher Giordano Bruno in Medellin, where volunteers carried out a day of cleaning and maintenance of the park that bears his name, accompanied by the notes […]

March, women’s month (Colombia)

On a Friday evening in late March, a group of women gathered to remember the essence of the feminine soul through stories, poetry, and songs. It was also a space […]