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On a Friday evening in late March, a group of women gathered to remember the essence of the feminine soul through stories, poetry, and songs.
It was also a space for reflection about the feminine essence, the role of women in history and the diversity of their roles.

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A talk about the Chinese New Year, its antiquity, the myth of the Chinese horoscope, the five elements, Chinese Astrology and its influence in all the areas of the cultural life of this country.

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Catalina Taborda, director of New Acropolis Colombia Northwest and member of the choir, presented this first choral performance at the hall of New Acropolis Medellin. The choir, made up of 14 women and 4 men, began its journey last November with the name of the muse of epic poetry and eloquence.

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New Acropolis Medellín celebrated 25 years of philosophy, culture and volunteering at the same time as the commemoration of World Philosophy Day.

In this context, all activities carried out during this event had the aim of remembering the importance of philosophy in our lives. Throughout one week, a program of diverse cultural events emphasized the need to recover the meaning of all the actions that we appreciate and undertake.

Participants in these events realized the multiple ways art is a humanizing factor and how sustainability must be an ongoing commitment.

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Clean-up day on a stretch of La Quebrada gorge, near the Center of New Acropolis in Medellin.

The activity was attended by a group of volunteers and friends of New Acropolis, and its aim was to collect the waste that accumulated on the shores of the gorge and within it, thus minimizing the risks of floods as well as preventing residue from reaching the rivers and the sea.

The activity also served as an important message to neighbors and passers-by, on the importance of taking care of our environment through practical actions that involve all.






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A program of activities commemorating 25 years since the foundation of New Acropolis in Medellin took place, with a series of lectures and free activities on one of the most enigmatic civilizations in history: Egypt, a tradition that was able to capture and honor the concept of eternity.

Events were marked by pyramids and tombs, everyday life, symbolism, life and death, places such as Dendera, Philae, the temples of Karnak, Edfu… which fascinated the numerous attendees who took part in this wonderful journey.





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Which characters do we take on in our daily life? What are those roles that lead us to create masks?
Participants of the ‘Everyday Dramaturgy’ workshop held at the Medellin central branch worked with these questions and similar issues.

The workshop highlighted theatrical concepts and their Greek origins, including the definition of character, drama, conflict, metaphor, personality, the mask of the actor, social masks, imitation, and the questions ‘What’s behind the mask?’ and ‘How can all this be applied to daily life?’.

Participants actively took part in several exercises: the creation of a character, analogies to everyday life; getting to know what there is behind the mask, discovering the character we all carry inside.

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