Acropolis Forest (Armenia, Colombia)

To commemorate Mother Earth Day, volunteers from New Acropolis Colombia in alliance with Ecoparque Peñas Blancas are developing the Acropolis Forest project consisting of “Sowing Life” by reforesting with a […]

Garden of Infinite Worlds (Bogota, Colombia)

The citizens of Bogota now can enjoy the “Garden of Infinite Worlds” -inspired by the philosophy of the famous thinker Giordano Bruno-, located in the park dedicated to his memory, […]

Collective planting activity (Medellín, Colombia)

This volunteering activity took place in the city of Medellín, in the Ciudadela Roblemar neighborhood in commemoration of International Mother Earth Day. We promoted people’s participation in a community planting […]

Celebrating Mother Earth (Colombia)

Throughout the country we celebrated Mother Earth Day with reforestation activities, cleaning of green areas and training in the creation of home gardens. Philosophy helps us understand our place in […]

Clean up of the Cali River bank (Cali, Colombia)

When contemplating a river, perhaps images of fertility come to our mind, of the flow of life with its countless possibilities and situations. The volunteers of New Acropolis with the […]