Saxophone Concert (Juliaca, Peru)

The Closing Concert of the 1st Saxophone Workshop with the participation of the Escuela Superior de Formación Artística Pública de Juliaca (SFAP Juliaca) took place during the Cultural Wednesdays of […]

Cleanup of an archeological site (Peru)

Volunteers of New Acropolis Huanuco organized a big cleanup day in the Monumental Archaeological Zone of Shillacoto and in the Archaeological Center of Kotosh, where more than fifty young people […]

“Helping people in need” Campaign (Juliaca, Peru)

Volunteers of New Acropolis Juliaca collaborate with the community health center “San Miguel Arcángel” helping people in need, bringing them clothes, food, medicine and above all support in the face […]

Posters with messages on ecology (Arequipa, Peru)

In order to share with the community important messages about ecology, raise awareness about respect and care for the environment, Arequipa volunteers put up posters with messages such as “Let’s […]

Educational project: “I love reading” (Peru)

The volunteers of New Acropolis Peru participated in the Second Day of the Educational Project for the Promotion of Reading: “I Love Reading”, with children from the provinces of Huancayo, […]