Community Garden Project (Chicago, USA)

Volunteers from New Acropolis Chicago partnered with local landscape designers and residents to beautify the local public garden. The volunteers received a donation of plants which were then gracefully placed […]

Restoring camaraderie (Los Angeles, USA)

Following the uprising against racial discrimination, many stores were looted or burned, and owners were left with ruined life enterprises. Seeing the frustration and anger, we understood that our part […]

Digital course: ‘Renaissance Now!’ (Boston, USA)

New Acropolis has reached the community “digitally” during this period of quarantine with its first online classes. The 3-part course, ‘Renaissance Now!’, aimed at inspiring people to think about the […]

Community Garden Volunteering (Atlanta, USA)

Members of New Acropolis Atlanta volunteering to help the Food Well Alliance (Formed in partnership with Atlanta Community Food Bank, exists to connect members of Atlanta’s local food movement around […]