Movie Watching: Invictus (Chicago, USA)

Members of New Acropolis met to watch the very inspiring film “Invictus” about Nelson Mandela. We discussed the most inspiring scenes and the qualities of leadership, realizing that great leaders […]

The Mystery of the Pyramids (Chicago, USA)

The Pyramids are back in style! We were full house Sunday, January 22nd as we talked about the mystery of the pyramids, discussing different theories as to how and why […]

The Power of Symbols (Chicago, USA)

The New Acropolis School in Chicago had the honor of hosting Denis Bricnet, regional coordinator of the New Acropolis schools in North America, for a public event for World Philosophy […]

Philosophy in the Graveyard (Chicago, USA)

With the approach of Halloween, New Acropolis Chicago once again hosted a talk about the afterlife from a philosophical and scientific perspective at Graceland Cemetery. This was Followed by a […]

Camp in Aztalan (Chicago, USA)

Volunteers from New Acropolis Chicago held a camp and visited Aztalan, an ancient Native American city in Wisconsin, a millennia-old outpost of the Cahokian culture. There they talked about why […]