Celebration of Stoic Week 2017 (Chicago, USA)

In collaboration with the Modern Stoicism movement, New Acropolis Chicago celebrated Stoic Week with two workshops dedicated to the teachings of the Stoics – “Applying Stoic Principles in Your Workplace”, […]

Evening with “the Prophet” (Chicago, USA)

The New Acropolis Chicago school celebrated National Poetry Month with a special cultural event on “The Prophet”, a hundred year old book of poetry by Gibran Khalil Gibran, a poet, […]

Visiting a nursing home (Charlotte, USA)

New Acropolis in Charlotte organized college students in a volunteer activity called: ‘Love For Our Seniors’ . They delivered  handmade roses to elderly residents for Valentines Day.

Japanese Tea Ceremony (Atlanta, USA)

New Acropolis hosted a Japanese Tea Ceremony honoring the 7 Principles of Chanoyu, “The Way of Tea”. These include harmony, simplicity, purity, politeness, proper attitude, love of nature, reverence for […]