Philosophy in the Graveyard (Chicago, USA)

With the approach of Halloween, New Acropolis Chicago once again hosted a talk about the afterlife from a philosophical and scientific perspective at Graceland Cemetery. This was Followed by a […]

Camp in Aztalan (Chicago, USA)

Volunteers from New Acropolis Chicago held a camp and visited Aztalan, an ancient Native American city in Wisconsin, a millennia-old outpost of the Cahokian culture. There they talked about why […]

Volunteering at Care for Real (Chicago, USA)

As part of a continuous collaboration with the ‘Care for Real’ organization in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago, New Acropolis volunteers assisted in different ways to provide food, clothing and […]

Earth Day Fest (Chicago, USA)

New Acropolis Chicago hosted people from the community to celebrate earth day with two activities: A lecture about the things that a tree can teach us and a hands-on workshop […]

Ancient America in the Field Museum (Chicago, USA)

New Acropolis Chicago members and friends visited the Field Museum in our annual museum tour. This time we focused on Ancient America, exploring our wondrous continent. Among other things, we […]