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“The Girl of Guatemala” is the name of a poem that exists in the mind of all Guatemalans, the one who died of cold or of love. But this girl is more than the protagonist from a poem by José Martí. She is a real and central character of her time, surrounded by intellectuals, poets and other celebrities; an era in which Guatemala was a cradle for art and liberal thought.

New Acropolis Guatemala brought this heartwarming story to the stage. Based on the poem “The Girl of Guatemala” by the Cuban poet and writer José Martí, this work tells of the historical context and the true causes behind the development of the character. Accompanied by music and poetry, this work made us relive the era of 19th century Guatemala.

La Niña de Guatemala 2016-07-28 11.03.45La Niña de Guatemala 2016-07-28 11.05.43La Niña de Guatemala 2016-07-28 11.06.48

La Niña de Guatemala 2016-07-28 11.08.30La Niña de Guatemala 2016-07-28 11.15.24

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DSC_068618 hours of activities with music, painting of murals and short films in the framework of International Youth Day: a festival entitled 18 Visual Hours and organized by New Acropolis Guatemala.

Several artists participated in this “artistic marathon” including Kevin & Kebin, Asinosedibuja, Carlos Lobo, Luisfer Izquierdo, Wilker, Poliritmos de Guatemala, Sofía Miranda y Casa Comal.  They all showed that youth is an attitude to life and not an age; they told of their dreams, their sources of inspiration, their beginnings in the world of art and above all, their desire to create a space for youths to express themselves.
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Volunteers from different centres in New Acropolis Guatemala visited the Tikal National Park, declared Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1979. The main purpose of this activity was to make contact with the cultural remains of the impressive ancestral Guatemalan culture.


IMG_0972 IMG_0978 IMG_1046IMG_1012

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IMG_0926As part of the “State for Hire” Festival that brought together more than 200 artists in different categories and took place simultaneously in Spain, Argentina and Guatemala, New Acropolis performed a play “The man who lived in a flask.”  This play reflects on the problems of the human being in today’s society and is inspired by Plato’s Myth of the Cave, written 2,500 years ago… but still unbelievably relevant today.

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face2-1 face2-3The Volunteer group of New Acropolis Quetzaltenango carried out the project to mount and equip a small library in a SOSEP integrative development center in the city of Quetzaltenango.

Named “Building the treasure corner”, the project is being implemented in three phases. In the second phase racks were mounted and small bench seats were constructed, and a carpet was installed to create a comfortable space for children.

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tito2The lecture hall of New Acropolis in the Historical Center, presented as part of their cultural activities a musical recital ‘Music of the South’ by the renowned Guatemalan artist Tito de Santis: a tour of the South American music of Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Uruguay, etc. , with melodies and lyrics that show and recreate the Latin American identity.

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bicixela2 bicixela3New Acropolis volunteers of the city of Quetzaltenango participated in a bike trip proposing the bicycle as an alternative that is less polluting than cars.

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