We climbed Pacaya Volcano! (Guatemala, Guatemala)

Together with friends and volunteers of New Acropolis zone 1 we climbed the Pacaya Volcano! Besides being physically active, we observed beautiful landscapes and shared our experiences with one another. […]

Talk: “Philosophy in Education” (Cobán, Guatemala)

Talk entitled “Philosophy in Education”, which is part of the monthly program of philosophical talks at the Central branch. Participants, both online and in-person, and mostly teaching professionals and members […]

Closing concert (Guatemala, Guatemala)

Soprano Adriana de León offered a lyrical recital with her students as a finale to a series of workshops she gave at New Acropolis. Teacher and students performed arias by […]

Chess Tournament (Guatemala, Guatemala)

A chess tournament was held with nearly twenty participants playing at different levels. The Swiss Perfect system was used to carry out the rounds and the tiebreaker systems were bucholtz […]