Epictetus and How to Resist (Sofia, Bulgaria)

New Acropolis organized and held its next public online lecture which this time was dedicated to the remarkable Epictetus. The participants immersed into his rich philosophic legacy and learned how […]

Eco Vitosha (Sofia, Bulgaria)

For a second time this year volunteers from the New Acropolis did some repairing works on its adopted touristic at the Vitosha mountain. They also helped with the renovation of […]

Time and Eternity (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Seminar organized by the New Acropolis. During the event the participants had the chance to learn more about the different aspects of time, the relationship between time and eternity, the […]

Literature Club (Sofia, Bulgaria)

For the second time the New Acropolis organized a summer edition of the Literature Club among nature. This edition was dedicated to the book ‘Illusions’ by Richard Bach. The participants […]

Eco Vitosha (Sofia, Bulgaria)

For the 5th year in a row the New Acropolis Sofia visited its adopted tourist trail in the Vitosha mountain. The volunteers cleaned the steps and the rain water ditches […]

Eco Sofia (Sofia, Bulgaria)

For the 11th time in a row volunteers from the New Acropolis did a spring cleaning of one of the most visited Sofia’s parks – Borisova Garden. The event was also […]