Corpus Hermeticum (Bulgaria)

New Acropolis Bulgaria held an online event dedicated to the mystical text Corpus Hermeticum. The lecture covered the topics of: language of the sacred texts, their origins and creators, the mythical […]

Sparta: Will over fear (Bulgaria)

Lecture entitled: “Sparta: Will over fear”, lead by the director of the New Acropolis Bulgaria – Antonin Vinkler. The discussion centred around how to develop the most of a man’s […]

Climbing on Vitosha 2022 (Bulgaria)

Inspired by the anniversary of 65 years since the establishment of the New Acropolis world wide, members of the New Acropolis Bulgaria gathered to climb mount “Cherny vruh”, the highest […]

Workshop Kiri-e (Sofia,Bulgaria)

New Acropolis recently organized an event dedicated to the Japanese Art Kiri-e. Kiri-e literary means “cut picture”. This is an art in which images are created by cutting black cardboard […]

Eco Sofia 2022 (Bulgaria)

New Acropolis Bulgaria has held their second event for the ongoing current campaign titled “For Earth” – the now traditional cleaning of the Borisova gradina – Sofia city garden. It […]

Visit in a Dog Shelter (Sofia, Bulgaria)

The members of the New Acropolis visited the municipal dog shelter of Gorni Bogrov near Sofia. They volunteered by taking the dogs out for a walk, playing with them and […]

Collection for Ukrainian refugees (Bulgaria)

Volunteers from New Acropolis in the capital Sofia collected first need products for the refugees from the war in Ukraine. We collected a lot of sanitary staff and warm clothes. […]