Creative writing workshop (Bulgaria)

“Honesty, Confucius and the garden next to the National Theater” For the first time a creative writing workshop was held in the New Acropolis – Sofia. A new challenge and […]

Eco-Sofia, Earth Day (Sofia, Bulgaria)

As part of the global campaign “For the Earth”, organized by the New Acropolis International Organization, the Bulgarian branch once again participated in the spring cleaning of Sofia. In cooperation […]

Martenitsi Workshop (Bulgaria)

The new Acropolis Bulgaria celebrated the arrival of spring and the arrival of Baba Marta with a creative workshop of “martenitsi” (a small ornament, made of white and red thread […]

Literature Club – Seneca (Sofia, Bulgaria)

The literature club was held in New Acropolis, dedicated to our regular “guest”: Lucius Seneca. We returned to the “Moral Letters to Lucius” to discuss two more chapters of the […]

World Philosophy Day (Sofia, Bulgaria)

In Sofia we celebrated World Philosophy Day, and to highlight the importance and contribution of “Love of Wisdom” in human life, we chose the theme “Philosophy and life in society”. […]