Automne clean day (Belgium)

In the context of the Automne clean day, initiative from the Belgian government, members of New Acropolis dedicated half day to clean up the area around the school.    

Waste cleanup day (Belgrano, Argentina)

A group of New Acropolis volunteers collected and cleaned a Municipal Ecological Reserve, in a town located in the province of Buenos Aires. In addition to cleaning the environment, the […]

Reforestation efforts (Zlín, Czech Republic)

Volunteers from New Acropolis continued their reforestation efforts. They took care of the meadows and its surrounding fenced area, where they had planted oak trees before. The trees were planted […]

Visiting the nursing home again (Cyprus)

This year, because of pandemic restrictions, we were unable to sing, dance and hug our friends at the Idalio nursing home. But volunteering is a way of the heart, and […]

Clean-up marathon (Belgium)

Summer cleanup marathon. For five days we went out to clean the streets for an hour, and we invited our neighbors to join us and participate in this beautiful experience. […]

Adoption of puppies (Panama)

We supported the four-legged friends club in a day of adoption of puppies and kittens rescued from the streets. In addition to caring and giving love to the animals, we […]

Celebrating Children’s Day (Argentina)

As part of the social action program, volunteers of New Acropolis Argentina made hats and scarves for the children of the meal programs of Villa La Cárcova. The activity was […]