Cleaning a natural reserve (Belgium)

In collaboration with local associations, volunteers of New Acropolis Belgium help cleaning a natural reserve. We have also built up a natural barrier to avoid people cross the reserve though […]

We honor life! (Athens, Greece)

As more and more of our fellow human beings need blood in hospitals of our country, and we feel happy that we can contribute to this regularly, thus, in June […]

Helping families in need (Cyprus)

If we want to…we can! And if we can.. we must! We need to support our fellow citizens. Thus, members and friends of New Acropolis Cyprus continued the collection of […]

Promoting reading in action (Peru)

The Department of Promotion of Culture organized a training workshop entitled “Promoting Reading in virtual spaces” for the facilitators of the reading circles of New Acropolis Peru. The workshop developed […]

Ecological cleaning (Bilbao, Spain)

To celebrate the 5th of June, World Environment Day, the volunteers of New Acropolis Bilbao organised an outing to clean a route of approximately 3 kms that goes from Gorostiza […]

A feast of solidarity (Brasilia, Brazil)

Mothers from the “Child for Good” Program – a social project of complementary education for needy teenagers and children managed by Nova Acropolis in Brazil – started the month of […]