Exhibition of Postcards (Cobán, Guatemala)

At our centre in Cobán we inaugurated an exhibition of postcards, sketches and notes by local author Carlos Ruano. During the inauguration we presented the artist’s work and showed how […]

Tree-planting in Zlín (Czech Republic)

To commemorate the International Mother Earth Day, the New Acropolis Zlín organised a tree-planting event near the city. Volunteers planted over 300 oaks and even managed to repair and strengthen […]

Cleanup marathon (Belgium)

During three days, we cleaned the streets of different towns and invited our neighbors to join us and participate in this experience.

Toys donations (Palencia, Guatemala)

Marathon and delivery of toys to more than 300 children in the village of “Potrero Grande” in the municipality of Palencia, Guatemala. With activities like these, we cultivate the spirit […]