Tree-planting in Zlín (Czech Republic)

To commemorate the International Mother Earth Day, the New Acropolis Zlín organised a tree-planting event near the city. Volunteers planted over 300 oaks and even managed to repair and strengthen […]

Mother Earth Day (Belgium)

Some activities on this Earth Day to get closer and connect with the Earth and the living beings that inhabit it. We cleaned a river, created animal shelters and danced!

Mother Earth Day (Serbia, Belgrade)

New Acropolis volunteers began the Earth Day celebration with an eco-action in an urban forest in Belgrade. After cleaning up litter, the participants performed a dance dedicated to Mother Earth. […]

Mother Earth Day (Graz, Austria)

Mother Earth Day in Graz Colorful as nature itself was our program for Earth Day! There were repairs, singing, dancing, changing clothes, listening to lectures and helping small wild animals. […]

Mother Earth Day (Vienna, Austria)

Construction of an encounter zone with high bed for picking vegetables in the streets of Vienna: A 6-meter-long encounter zone with green plants and a raised bed for picking was […]

Earth Day 2023 (Bologna, Italy)

The volunteers of New Acropolis have ventured into many activities to make people appreciate the beauty of our planet and to celebrate the gifts our great Mother Earth gave us. […]