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The Association of NGOs of Chile (ASONG) organized a round table on the topic of migrants. The activity was carried out at the locality of the former National Congress and featured as lecturers distinguished representatives of institutions addressing the theme of migration.

Participating institutions included the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, the Catholic Institute of Migration, INCAMI, the Service Jesuits to Migrants Foundation, and the Unión Latinoamericana School. ASONG, the network that organized the event, brings together around twenty NGOs, most of which have an international presence, and currently presided by New Acropolis Chile.



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rcp Chile 1
New Acropolis Chile is fully involved in the national networks of humanitarian aid, and in this context offers on-going trainings in various specialties.

A recent training focused on the putting together of individual and family backpacks prepared as emergency kits, with the essential elements to deal with situations such as an earthquake, tsunami etc.

It also offered a workshop on CPR, (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), with the use of puppets, external automatic defibrillator, etc.


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New edition of the National Meeting  of Sciences “Mamalluca”, in charge of the Teachers at New Acropolis: Fernando Oyarce, pharmaceutical chemist, Hector Cuevas, doctor of astronomy and Amelia Ramírez, physicist.

Themes addressed centered on the nature of phenomena such as: the nature of atoms, of cells, of Earth, of living beings, of the universe. The activity brought together a large group of participants interested in these scientific mysteries.
Mamalluca Chile

Mamalluca Chile 2

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celebracion 51 años Chile 3

New Acropolis Chile celebrated their 51 years of institutional presence in the country. Lectures, volunteering activities, and various cultural activities served as a framework for the commemoration of this anniversary that leaves behind years of uninterrupted work in this South American country.

celebración 51 años Chile

celebración 51 años Chile 2

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New Acropolis Chile carried out various activities in parks and urban spaces to promote philosophy, culture and volunteerism. “The dice of Sofia” in Viña del Mar and “Thousand cranes” in Puerto Montt, are examples of the good reception among the public and the community in general.

In the city of Puerto Montt, a thousand paper cranes (origami) made by volunteers were given out, in allusion to an ancient Eastern legend that grants a wish to those who achieve the purpose of making the thousand cranes. Each person who received a crane had the opportunity of making a wish to improve the world and to write it on the wall of good wishes.

In Garden City, Viña del Mar, passers-by got to roll the ‘Dice of Sofia’, and took home a gift-souvenir such as a written phrase of wisdom, a paper flower, etc.

deseos en p.monttdado de sofia

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Delegación de profesores y voluntarios visita y realiza ofrenda floral al busto de Giordano Bruno

Una delegación de profesores y voluntarios realiza una ofrenda floral al busto de Giordano Bruno.

The traditional tribute was held to Giordano Bruno, renaissance philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, writer, teacher who taught at the major universities in Europe, but who unfortunately had to face the incomprehension of the ecclesiastical authorities of the time. New Acropolis led several Chilean cities to get a statue bust honoring the philosopher who was born Nolan, but who died universal.

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MOMENTOS DE CAMARADERÍA EN REUNIÓN INTERNACIONALNew Acropolis Chile hosted an international event to welcome volunteers from Argentina and Uruguay in training days for humanitarian aid. The activity brought together nearly 120 people in the Ecological Center managed by New Acropolis Chile in the pre-mountain range in the central area of the country, in the inner part of the city of San Fernando.


camaraderiaThis is the first time that volunteers from three countries come together for this reason, and this enriching experience will be continued in the upcoming meeting to be held in Uruguay.



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