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‘Beauty’, was the protagonist this year of the tribute which New Acropolis Catania made to World Philosophy Day. For three days a varied program of lectures, workshops, performances, etc. was carried out. Dr. Daniele Iozzia, researcher of history of ancient philosophy, and Dr. Manuela Di Paola of New Acropolis, respectively spoke about “Beauty: Paradoxes and kalliphobia in aesthetics from Plato to the present day” and “Gathered by the beautiful”.

A screening of the video created by New Acropolis volunteers “Catania: the beauty of every day”, also took place.

A workshop open to the public focusing on appreciating beauty in all circumstances and a performance entitled “Beauty will save the world”, gave way to musical activities on the last day, through the masterful lecture about its origins by Giuseppe Severini, director of the Casa della Musica of Randazzo (Catania).


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A special evening organized at a local library in Milan thanks to the “Philosophy in Milan” initiative, which consists of a series of events to talk about philosophers, and deepen our understanding of their ideas. The workshop format – created by New Acropolis volunteers – focused on all aspects of our daily lives, and highlighted the various ways we can learn and apply something from the greatest names of Philosophy.

The protagonists of the most recent workshop were Kant and his ideas; a valuable lesson about the importance of building ideas to build a coherent way to understand ourselves and the world that surrounds us, giving the correct importance to our thinking, to our experience, and to our actions.

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After the harsh cold and icy weather that invaded the south of Italy, volunteers of New Acropolis Syracuse, every evening for one week, prepared and distributed warm meals to the homeless staying in tents mounted by the town hall with the help of the same volunteers. An invaluable experience for young volunteers, who put into practice the practical training received on Volunteering by New Acropolis.

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Meeting in Syracuse to commemorate World Philosophy Day with the special participation of Gianluca Garelli, Professor of Aesthetics at the University of Florence.

The speakers were the Deputy Mayor of Syracuse Francesco Italia, Lucia Sinnona of New Acropolis Syracuse and members of the School of Philosophy of Sicily Elio Cappuccio and Roberto Fai.

Professor Garelli, author of the book An Idea of Beauty, discussed the various ways in which the dialectics of beauty have changed throughout the course of Western thought, with a special focus on Plato, Aristotle, Plotinus and Kant. He also spoke about the current concept of beauty in the world of appearance, and about the relationship between freedom and beauty. The meeting was held in the municipal building of the island of Ortigia and was attended by many participants.




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A special event took place in the lecture hall of the University of Milano-Bicocca, where volunteers, artists and students celebrated the five years of the Project “CosiMiPiace” (“Now I Like It!”), an initiative about Street Art in the city Stations. The conference was introduced by the University Rector, Dr. Cristina Messa, and involved professors and representatives of the collaborating institutions. Meanwhile, in the atrium, the English artist and designer Saroj Patel painted, in name of all the artists who in these years have participated in the project, two beautiful murals inspired by Nature. A special day dedicated to Beauty in all of the aspects and environments of our life!




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On the occasion of Earth Day 2016, New Acropolis Syracuse organized “Green Coding” and creative recycling workshops for children  and presented an interesting lecture on “Climate change”, with the participation of experts in environmental sciences and of various associations of the area, who discussed this topic highlighting the causes, effects and individual solutions in the fight against Global Warming.

The diving team of New Acropolis, together with the port authority and with the collaboration of ‘Blu School Free Diving’, carried out a clean-up of the seabed in the sea area of the Canal Dársena on the island of Ortigia.




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Foto GMF SiracusaNew Acropolis Syracuse celebrated World Philosophy Day with a Lectio Magistralis presented by Umberto Curi, philosopher and university professor. This year the theme was Love as Renaissance. Professor Curi talked about the myths of Echo and Narcissus and of Orpheus and Eurydice, and explained the deeper meaning of these myths and how the archetype of love in the Western tradition has survived until today.

Other speakers were: the Advisor of the City Hall of Syracuse, Alfredo Foti; the President of New Acropolis Syracuse Elga Daniel; and members of the College of Philosophy of Sicily, Elio Cappuccio and Roberto Fai.



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