Celebration of the World Day of Cultural Diversity with Gibran, Tolkien and Gandhi (Bologna, Italy)

Cultural Activities

Three important virtues – the Good, the Beautiful and the Just – arrived in the arms of three iconic characters at the Bulgarelli Garden, in Bologna. The event, organized to celebrate the World Day of Cultural Diversity and sponsored by the District Porto-Saragozza, was an ode to the literature of Khalil Gibran, Tolkien and Gandhi in an acting by volunteers of the New Acropolis Association of Bologna.

The choice of the place was not accidental. The Bulgarelli Garden is a green city space much loved by the volunteers. The freshness of the trees and the nuances of the sunset gave the right atmosphere for our characters to speak by interweaving autobiographical facts with significant pieces of their works. The depth of their stories was visible in the eyes of the spectators, who sat on the lawn listening attentively to the words of “The Prophet”, “The Lord of the Rings” and “My life for freedom”.

A garden is a meeting place for many cultures, especially in large cities. Spending time in nature allows us to listen again and encourages contemplation. And being there in full presence and connection, with words that nourish the soul, made that summer evening magical.

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