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During an entire day, New Acropolis volunteers participated in the annual festival of gypsy culture called “Bašavel” organized in Bratislava, with a crafts workshop for children, thus fostering the importance of  knowing the art and traditions of the calé people, for a better rapprochement between different human groups and the understanding of the differences that exist between the cultures that coexist in this country. The festival showcased beautiful music, dances and crafts workshops.


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New Acropolis volunteers along with various non-governmental organizations, joined in the commemoration of World Mental Health Day in the House of the city of Cartago, with a program of activities that included lectures, workshops, music, theater and Tai Chi.


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2016 Curitiba Brasil-S exposicion02
New Acropolis Curitiba (PR-Brazil) with the support of the Brazilian company of airport infrastructure (Infraero) and building systems (Globalplac), inaugurated the exhibition on “Native Trees” in the departure lounge of the Afonso Pena airport, located in the municipality of São José dos Pinhais in the Afonso Pena airport.

Apart from highlighting the very important role of trees, the exhibition promotes philosophical reflection by means of the direct question: what is my role in the world?

For Antonio Pallu, Superintendent of Infraero, the exhibition highlights the importance of environmental awareness for society. “The airport not is only a place of arrivals and departures. It is a place where we can give a positive message to the public, and care for the environment has been an on-going theme in several areas of the Afonso Pena airport,” he said.

2016 Curitiba Brasil-S exposicion01

2016 Curitiba Brasil-S exposicion03 2016 Curitiba Brasil-S exposicon04

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New Acropolis San Pedro Sula, collaborated in the organization of an international concert offered by the Munich Philharmonic.

This initiative was carried out in coordination with the City Hall, within the framework of the International Festival of Music (INMUFEST), which received the active participation of Honduran New Acropolis volunteers.


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Visita Castulo

New Acropolis Jaén continues fostering the initiative to promote the rich historical and artistic heritage of the Jaén province.

On this occasion New Acropolis organized a guided visit to the Iberian-Roman city of Castulo at the hands of Marcelo Castro, the director of this archaeological site, whose discoveries have been of great importance, such as the ‘Mosaic of Los Amores’, or the building of one of the oldest Christian communities in the peninsula.

New Acropolis has been collaborating on projects involving the archaeological site of Castulo, not only for the development of these guided visits to promote its historical importance, but also as a volunteer organization that helps specialists in archaeological excavations.

Visita Castulo 2

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In commemoration of the international day of cardiac resuscitation, volunteers from New Acropolis Montevideo, at its headquarters in La Teja, carried out a training workshop open to the public, focusing on basic techniques to be able to act in cases of emergency.


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New Acropolis Bulgaria organized an ECO-workshop in celebration of Earth Day. Participants created beautiful and useful items such as cards, candle holders, coasters and other objects, entirely from natural materials.

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