Project: “I love reading” (Lima, Peru)

More love for reading in Lima. New edition of our project to promote reading: “I love reading” in the Educational Institution 7087 “El Nazareno”, in Pamplona Alta. We started the […]

Art workshop for children (Prague, Czech Republic)

New Acropolis Prague organized an art workshop for children from a local elementary school. The workshop started with children learning about antient Egyptian art and then they could paint their […]

Coffee with friends!! (Cyprus)

Simplicity is one of the worlds that contribute to the definition of love. And thus, so simply, one Sunday, some members of New Acropolis decided to have a coffee with […]

Exhibition of Postcards (Cobán, Guatemala)

At our centre in Cobán we inaugurated an exhibition of postcards, sketches and notes by local author Carlos Ruano. During the inauguration we presented the artist’s work and showed how […]