Solidarity During Lockdown (Mumbai-Pune, India)

New Acropolis hosted a series of interactive online activities called “Philosophy in Corona Days”. More than 60 sessions, each curated by members, for members, families and friends of New Acropolis […]

Estoa Café Gallery (San Cristóbal, Venezuela)

With the aim of promoting culture through music, poetry, reading, film, art and philosophy, the space was publicly inaugurated: Estoa Café Gallery, within the New Acropolis San Cristobal Center. This […]

Local identity colors (Cartago, Costa Rica)

New Acropolis volunteers visited the village of San Miguel in Tucurrique, to paint a mural that reflects the local identity and landscape. They enjoyed the collaboration of community members who […]

Attica: Practical philosophy outdoors!

Outdoor practical philosophy (Attica, Greece)

As part of the Philosophy and Practical Psychology Studies program, trips to the Attica Mountains were organized in early March for team practice, a boost to group collaboration. The excursions […]