We have a dream! Nuremberg weeks against racism (Germany)

Cultural Volunteering

Every year the city of Nuremberg participates in the “International Weeks against Racism”. More actions than ever before, such as workshops, speeches, concerts, discussions and lectures, took place within two weeks in March.

New Acropolis Nuremberg endeavoured to contribute with a positive vision for human cohabitation under a slogan sourced from famous Dr. Martin Luther King: We have a dream!

Weeks against racism 2024

The first lecture thus discussed Plato´s ideas about a perfect state and was complemented by practical examples. The second speech presented current and former Utopias to show how strong visions can be and how we can integrate small actions into our daily life.

Finally, the evening concluded with an interview of the founders of the local branch of NA about their real-life experiences while striving to create a place for peaceful and constructive human exchange based on philosophical teachings and spiritual values.

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