Winter Reading Club (Australia)

We held our first reading club round table session on a cozy, rainy evening. It was full of open discussions and meaningful conversations where we explored the dimensions of time […]

Rethinking Justice (Chicago, USA)

New Acropolis Chicago hosted the event ‘Rethinking Justice – Ancient Ideas for Today’s Freethinkers’. In this interactive event we discussed ancient views of politics, justice, harmonious co-existence in the teachings […]

Philosopher’s Kit (Guatemala, Guatemala)

In our Philosopher’s Kit workshop we reflected on ideas of great philosophers such as Confucius, Seneca, the Buddha, Marcus Aurelius, Socrates, etc. During the activity, the participants chose the ideas […]

Volunteering Fest (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)

We celebrated our “Volunteering Fest” at New Acropolis Quetzaltenango. A day full of discoveries and reflections shared fraternally by our members. We toured our volunteer areas, understanding in a pleasant […]