Seminar: Plato’s philosophy (Portugal)

Following the trend of the last 3 years, during the summer, New Acropolis Portugal offered a free course for all its members, taught by Professor José Carlos Fernández, writer and […]

Virtual Forum on Roman Philosophy (Portugal)

  The current situation of our western society demands adaptation, inner strength and humanity. Human values were very present in Roman Philosophy. The timeliness of the philosophy of Ancient Rome […]

Summer Course (Portugal)

Led by its director, José Carlos Fernández, this summer course – held in a beautiful natural area near the city of Braga – brought together New Acropolis volunteers, who were […]

Philosophy in the Graveyard (Chicago, USA)

With the approach of Halloween, New Acropolis Chicago once again hosted a talk about the afterlife from a philosophical and scientific perspective at Graceland Cemetery. This was Followed by a […]

Forum on Justice (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala)

We participated in the forum: “What is being just?”, together with almost a hundred young people from three institutions: Instituto de Educación Básica de Enseñanza por Cooperativa Llanos del Pinal; […]

Spring Equinox Celebration (Braga, Portugal)

Once again, the volunteers of New Acropolis Portugal gathered to celebrate the arrival of spring. On this occasion, the meeting was held in the Portuguese city of Braga, in a […]