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The new main center of New Acropolis Colaba had the pleasure of welcoming vocalist Jayanthi Nayak for a cultural evening entitled “Musical Dialogue”. With a great turnout of more than fifty people, the event was intended to show how philosophy is embodied within Indian classical music.

Through her performance, she explained the importance of expressing the concept of harmony, and emphasized that, while harmony is expressed through and between the artists on stage, the essence lies firstly in expressing it internally within the artist, only then, can it touch the hearts of the audience.




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New Acropolis Mumbai organized a debate entitled “Empowering real change”, in collaboration with the Indian Express newspaper. Speakers included the educator and environmental specialist Sonam Wangchuk, the philanthropist Tsarina Screwvala (Swades Foundation) and the philosopher Yaron Barzilay (Director of New Acropolis in India).

With over 150 attendees, the presenters at this ’round table’ emphasized the need for a sustainable change in society, beyond quick and immediate fixes, which are of little relevance and lead to uncertainty and despair. A collective investigation showed that the “Post-truth” world  (Word of the Year 2016, Oxford Dictionary), leads to individuals’ inability to dream and to aspire to a better world. It turns out that our challenges could be more possible to carry out, redefining how society provides education. Ultimately, the responsibility rests with the individual at the time of choosing to participate in the change.

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Members and students of New Acropolis Bangalore donated items ranging from artifacts, books, clothes, kitchen appliances and some beautiful hand made creations.
The Bazaar promoted the value of ecology, recycling and reuse.

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To celebrate World Philosophy Day, New Acropolis in Mumbai hosted a talk titled ‘Philosophy for Living’ presented by National Director Yaron Barzilay, at the Indian Express Gallery.

With the participation of a large audience, the talk emphasized the vital role of philosophy to improve the human condition and the importance of understanding the real practice of philosophy as a way of life rather than a pure intellectual study with no practical application.

The event also included a book launch and reading of select excerpts from the English edition of the book ‘Philosophy for Living’, by Delia Steinberg Guzman, President of the International Organization New Acropolis.


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New Acropolis Mumbai restored a neglected wall in the Colaba neighborhood. Volunteers, friends and family members dedicated their week-end to plastering and repairing the worn down wall before painting it with the message of “Harmony” in English and Marathi. Harmony denotes the importance of a well-balanced, peaceful, symbiotic relationship as an important ingredient for the survival and well-being of our society. [youtube][/youtube]


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The director of New Acropolis Mumbai, Yaron Barzilay, presented a talk to an audience of about one hundred participants about the ‘Papyrus of Ani’  in collaboration with The Indian Express newspaper:

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Volunteers and friends of New Acropolis (Mumbai), in partnership with local resident organisations, spent a weekend beautifying a public wall in Colaba, where the New Acropolis center is located. Volunteers plastered, whitewashed and painted the wall with a message of “Truth” in English and “Satya” in Hindi.

This was the third beautification project undertaken by New Acropolis in the area. Says Ubai Husein, Secretary of the Active Ecology Department at New Acropolis, “Our first wall “Hope” was an attempt to bring about idealism in today’s world, and “Harmony” was the means to achieve this. But the only real measure of our actions is “Truth”. We hope this wall inspires people to be true not only to others but also to themselves. It is only when we are able to be true to ourselves that we can be true to our society.”

The goal of these wall paintings and beautification drives is to remind us that small actions can create a change, and that it really is up to us to take responsibility for our environment.


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