International martial arts meeting (Austria)

New Acropolis Austria organized an intensive weekend in collaboration with “Bodhidharma”. One group was training Nei Kung, the philosophically oriented “martial art of inner strength.” Another group dedicated themselves to […]

Long Night of Philosophy (Innsbruck, Austria)

Philosophy in action – with a Philosophical Parkour and Philo Speed Dating More than 120 enthusiastic visitors experienced that philosophy can be young and active. Together with partners, we celebrated […]

Long Night of Philosophy (Salzburg, Austria)

400 visitors in Salzburg at this year’s Long Night of Philosophy learnt about many new aspects of philosophy in practice. The diverse programmes touched people and showed them new ways […]

Long Night of Philosophy (Dornbirn, Austria)

On November 16, 2023, Philosophical Speed Dating took place in Dornbirn as part of the 8th Long Night of Philosophy event. A space for in-depth discussions and an exchange of […]