Mother Earth Day (Salzburg, Austria)

            On the occasion of the World Mother Earth Day declared by the UN, exciting meetings took place in Salzburg. The event began on Thursday […]

When Earth speaks – Earth Day (Austria)

Austria-wide activities of New Acropolis for the “Earth Day 2022”  Many hundreds of interested people came to about 30 events in 8 cities all over Austria.  Among other things, a […]

Long Night of Philosophy 2021 (Austria)

Philosophy for stormy times This year’s Long Night of Philosophy took place in eight Austrian cities with 30 events. No easy undertaking, because in pandemic times the top priority is […]

Falling Cherry Blossoms (Graz, Austria)

The awesome Zen garden of the Japanese tea house at New Acropolis Graz provided the scene for a special spring concert. Three Japanese students of the Graz & Vienna Universities […]

“We have something to give” (Austria)

620 Christmas parcels for families in emergency situations Under the motto “We have something to give”, volunteers of New Acropolis collected for families in emergency situations throughout Austria. Parcels with […]