Philosophy Night (Zurich, Switzerland)

Online premiere Philosophy is never in lockdown… as demonstrated at this year’s Long Night of Philosophy, which not only celebrated its fifth anniversary, but also its online premiere. It was […]

Philosophy Night (Lausanne, Switzerland)

We are pleased that the Philosophy Night, supported by UNESCO Switzerland, has been able, despite the crisis, to offer the public a dozen activities for children, teenagers and adults on […]

Philo Night (Zurich, Swiztzerland)

International Day of Philosophy 2020 Online Premiere Because philosophy is never confined… … This was demonstrated in this year’s Long Night of Philosophy. On November 19, 2020, it not only […]

Philo Night (Lausanne, Switzerland)

 Night of Philosophy in Lausanne, a partnership beyond the crisis! We are pleased that the Night of Philosophy, supported by UNESCO Switzerland, was able, despite the crisis, to propose to […]

Cleanup Day (Lausanne, Switzerland)

As part of the Clean-up-Day, the volunteers of New Acropolis organized a welcome booth in the center of the city. The aim of the event was to raise public awareness […]

Night of Philosophy (Switzerland)

Philosophy Night in Switzerland, an expected success! More than fifty activities for its fourth edition in the city of Zurich, and a dozen for the first one in Lausanne, the […]