Philosophy Night (Lausanne, Switzerland)

Promotion of Philosophy

We are pleased that the Philosophy Night, supported by UNESCO Switzerland, has been able, despite the crisis, to offer the public a dozen activities for children, teenagers and adults on the theme of change.

Associations, students, philosophy teachers and companies decided to share their love of philosophy in a way that is accessible to as many people as possible. To ensure the smooth running of the event, the organisers had the courage to innovate and share their presentations online.

The public, more than 200 people, participated enthusiastically in the activities proposed by speakers as diverse as the expressions of philosophy can be: Philosophy workshops for children, Socratic dialogue workshops for teenagers and adults, workshop on ecological transition, on companies’ socially beneficial initiatives, various lectures on current issues such as the health crisis and the prevailing uncertainty. The closing evening of this 2nd Edition 2020 was a philosophical concert by the multi-instrumentalist Alexandre Cellier. The full programme is available at



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