Didactic Concert on Beethoven (Bolivia)

Artistic Activities

As part of the celebration of the 250th anniversary of the birth of the composer Ludwig Van Beethoven, New Acropolis Bolivia offered a Didactic Concert performed by Bolivian musicians, as the closing event of a series of monthly events dedicated to one of the most important composers in history.

The concert repertoire was:

  1. Sonata No. 21 “Waldstein” First Movement, for piano
  2. Excerpt from the 9th Symphony, Ode to Joy, arrangement by D. Gonzales
  3. Minuet, arrangement for guitar by F. Tárrega
  4. Quartet Opus18 No.4 in C minor, 1st Movement “allegro ma non tanto”

The performing musicians were: Dara Quartet: formed by Alexander Lapich (1st violin), Ana Coss (2nd violin), José Durán (viola) and Andrea Vila (cello); the pianist Guery Alexander Ticona; the guitar duo Mellizos Gonzales: formed by (Daniel “Anki” Gonzales and Marcelo Gonzales), as well as the important participation of the orchestra conductor  Weimar Arancibia, current chief conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra, who spoke about his experience of studying and conducting the symphonic music of this great composer.






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