Mini Olympic Games (Israel)

The competitive space provides us with the most real playground one could ask for – a playground of life, physical but also emotional boundaries are put to the test and […]

Earth Day 2023 (Bologna, Italy)

The volunteers of New Acropolis have ventured into many activities to make people appreciate the beauty of our planet and to celebrate the gifts our great Mother Earth gave us. […]

The Seven Laws of Nature (Bulgaria)

To celebrate the Earth Day 2023 as part of the worldwide campaign “To the Earth”  the New Acropolis Bulgaria held and open lecture with the theme – “The Seven Laws […]

Mother Earth Day (Innsbruck, Austria)

On International Earth Day, there were again plenty of opportunities to connect with nature in Innsbruck. The day started with a group of volunteers cleaning and collecting trash in the […]

Visiting old manuscripts (Olomouc, Czech Republic)

Members of the New Acropolis visited an exposition of old manuscripts at the Regional Museum in Olomouc. The exposition was called “Hidden Beauty” and presented medieval manuscripts, most of them […]