Workshop on Buddhism and meditation presented by Thai Buddhist monk Luang Phi John, Member of the Committee of Peace Revolution, in the auditorium of New Acropolis Tegucigalpa.

Within the context of Buddhist philosophy, the workshop focused on meditation techniques to foster the culture of peace.

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In light of the natural disasters that are occurring in Peru due to the phenomenon known as ‘El Niño Costero’, New Acropolis volunteers have been developing a comprehensive volunteering program for the benefit of survivors who have lost much of their material belongings, including their homes. This situation has been caused by the overflow of rivers and the innumerable huaicos or mudslides.

In the city of Lima, volunteers have been carrying out collection campaigns, of food, toiletries, water and clothing which have been directed to the District of Catacaos, one of the most affected areas of the province of Piura, as well as collection centers designated by the central government.

Fifteen New Acropolis centers including those of Trujillo, Chiclayo, Huaraz, Ica, Puno, Huanuco, Arequipa, Iquitos, Ayacucho, Cajamarca and Chincha, among others, are collection points from where volunteers direct aid to the most vulnerable areas.

In the city of Trujillo, under the slogan ‘We all are one, a single force’, volunteers decided to go door-to-door to solicit the help of neighbors.
This initiative had the support of the municipality of the District of El Porvenir, which placed at the service of this campaign a citizen security van and a truck to transport donations to areas in the Districts of Buenos Aires, La Esperanza and El Porvenir in the Sector of Río Seco.

“In a week not only did we manage to collect donations, but also to generate bonds of union between volunteers and to awaken solidarity in neighbors who, with the best intentions, joined this worthy cause,” said Rosmery Correa, a volunteer at this center.

Carmela Becerra, National Volunteer Coordinator, reported that 10 tons of donations have been delivered so far. However, this campaign is on-going, since thousands of Peruvian people still need aid.

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A lecture was held on the spirit of Japan at New Acropolis Constanza: a doorway to the world in which interest in external achievements is harmoniously combined with inner achievements to form the human character, and in which courage, honesty, patience and selfless action are core values.

In the starkness of the Japanese archipelago, great souls have found a guide in the rules of honor of the Samurai code, an excellent example of moral principles and of living life with dignity and honor.


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From 11 to 14 of May 2017 New Acropolis Prague presented its books and magazines on the international book fair and literary festival Book World. The presentation included the tetralogy about Plato, written by František Novotný, a man who managed to translate all works of the Greek philosopher into Czech. The tetralogy was financed by the Ministry of Culture of Czech Republic. Another popular newly published book was “Templars” by D.S.Guzman.

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If the study of science and philosophy was united until the disappearance of the library of Alexandria, what remains of that relationship?
To address this issue New Acropolis invited several speakers: Francisco Javier Pérez de la Cruz, physician and philosopher, Ana Díaz Sierra, geologist and philosopher, Bernardo Souvirón Guijo, Professor of languages and classical cultures, José Luis San Miguel de Pablos, geologist, and doctor of philosophy and Harry Costin, philosopher, and specialist in education and international relations.

The presentations focused on topics as diverse as string theory, and the philosophical approaches that its assumptions incite: the origins of science in magic, the magna science; the relationship between science, myth and philosophy; between science and consciousness; and science and truth.

Approaches focused on the role that the human being exerts in the different facets of the development of science and his incessant search for a meaning to life. Following the presentations, participants shared thoughts and insights and asked questions, a great opportunity to ‘philosophize’ with the speakers on the themes discussed throughout the event.

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New Acropolis organized a workshop on designing household products from natural substances and in ways more respectful towards the environment. An opportunity to educate attendees about the consequences of the use of certain products that are currently sold on the market, with regards to the environment and health. Participants also learned how to make cheaper cleaning products which they brought home.
This is a first step towards a more responsible and respectful attitude in the world promoted by New Acropolis.

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BUEN CAMINO,camino de santiago_04

Talk presented by New Acropolis Castellón at the Castalia Cultural Center.

The Camino de Santiago, or Way of St. James, as a metaphor for life. In order to carry out a project in our life, we gather data, set deadlines, we do everything that is needed. But when we see our plans clearly and we set ourselves in motion, problems arise. “But if everything seemed so clear and easy!” This is easy to understand for anyone who has walked for a few days on the Camino, knowing that unforeseen events are part of the experience.

By overcoming stages, we understand that the only way to develop skills is to confront obstacles, allowing us to gain experience.

The ability to surpass ourselves is acquired to the extent that we overcome challenges and seek solutions to adverse circumstances.

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