Philosophy In The Park (Chicago, USA)

New Acropolis volunteers took advantage of the summer days to organize a practical philosophy class in the park. The participants learned how to develop concentration, to know ourselves, to live […]

Sightseeing walk in Budapest (Hungary)

New Acropolis held a natural and cultural history walk at one of the emblematic locations of the capital, the World Heritage-listed Gellért Hill. This is the twentieth year that the […]

Ascent to the hills of Pohorje (Slovenia)

Two-day hike through the hills of Pohorje, or the so-called Pohorje Traverse to celebrate the anniversary of the founding of the New Acropolis in the country. Acropolis (acro-polis) means the […]

Promoting culture with Bookcrossing (Ladispoli, Italy)

At the station of the city of Ladispoli, New Acropolis inaugurates the 3rd Bibliocasetta! The other two are located near two much-visited parks, park Caere Vetus and garden Nazareno Fedeli, exactly in the […]

Sanitary Kits for the Homeless (USA)

To support the many homeless people in the area we created Sanitary Kits that included daily sanitary products (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, nail clippers etc) and offered them, together with cold […]