Virtual activities at New Acropolis Portugal

In this time of crisis, when the possibilities of communication and carrying out activities have been practically reduced to those that can be done “at home”, New Acropolis Portugal launched […]

Filo-NetCafé workshop (Győr, Hungary)

To change and carry out change The Filo-NetCafé workshop was held at the Győr center in New Acropolis. In the online course, participants heard about the example of Confucius and […]

Facemask making (Czech Republic)

The volunteers from New Acropolis had an opportunity to help in their cities in various way, one of them was making the facemasks. First they learnt how to sew them […]

Philosophical Conferences LIVE in Quarantine (Brazil)

Due to the restrictions on presential activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, our schools adapted some activities to the online broadcast format, such as public lectures. Numerous lectures and interviews are […]